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Perisher X Country NEWS, 2nd August 2022, Newsletter Update #41

Find out all that is happening at XC Ski Week


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Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing so that one of the best-kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to the PXC website (Contact Us page) and subscribe to PXC NEWS, PXC EDGE and daily XC Trail Reports during winter. PXC News is focused on the activities of volunteers and those who have a keen interest in helping grow the sport of XC skiing. PXC is a sub-committee of the northern division of Snow Australia and aims to grow participation in XC skiing in Perisher Valley and beyond.


Here is a picture of the 2019 Charlotte Pass Open competitors - They were good times.

Pre XC Ski Week Newsletter

IT HAS BEEN UNBELIEVABLE - skiing on top quality tracks since early June. Now it is August and time to get your priorities right. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of XC Ski Week!

To find out more about XC Week events, and to enter,  go to the XC Ski Week calendar by CLICKING HERE

4th Annual PXC Cup/Mug – (Saturday 6th of August)

2022 XC Ski Week, 7 days plus a weekend, starts on the 6th of August. For the first time the PXC Cup will be a part of the XC Ski Week. Here everybody gets a prize, and we mean everybody. Every participant will get the one-off PXC mug, personalised to this event. This is great way to start off the week with a no-stress touring race (which is hardly ever over the advertised distance....).

Be prepared for wacky prizes at the presentations!

Boonoona Open – (Sunday 7th of August)

You have a choice of either skiing skating or classical, over a 5km distance. This race has been held for over 40 years and is well supported by the Citty Tatts/Boonoona Ski Club. The presentations are held in the warmth of the Boonoona Ski Lodge starting from 5 pm. A great way to meet old friends and to ease into the week of XC immersion that is ahead of you.

KAC Classic – (Monday 8th of August)

Normally on the Wednesday but trying Monday for a change. Possibly trying to avoid the typically bad Wednesday weather?  Again, a choice of skiing skating or classical starting outside Corroboree Lodge and finishing at the Charlotte Pass Chalet.  Like the Boonoona race, always heaps of fun catching up with the XC Ski Week crowd in the pub waiting for the presentations. Then looking for the stiff tail wind to blow us back to Perisher afterwards

9th Annual Mystery Coffee Tour #1 – (Tuesday 9th of August)

Join the crowd before 9 am at the Nordic Shelter to get into your groups.  Then make your way out to a mystery spot to find good company, fine coffee and biscuits being served, amongst other niceties. A good ski combined with a gorgeously scenic social event.

Perisher Historical Society “Hello in the Snow” – (Tuesday 9th of August)

Join the party from 4 pm at the Marritz Hotel where we will be fed fine food and be able to buy drinks at the bar. Celebrate our XC skiing heritage and once again be social.

KAC Charlotte Pass Open - (Wednesday 10th of August)

Take a slow ski to Charlottes Pass to go in this short and sharp, interval start classical race. Enjoy lunch complements of the KAC Charlotte Pass lodge before making your way back to Perisher.

Nordic Shelter Twilight Relays – (Wednesday 10th of August)

This important fundraiser for the Nordic Shelter starts at 5 pm at the Perisher XC Centre. Get a team of 4 together to join in a quick lap of the Perisher XC Centre sprint loop. There is plenty of fun afterwards sorting out which teams get the prizes and basically having a hoot. Warm beverages and hearty soup are supplied.

Sundeck Cup – (Thursday 11th of August)

The Sundeck Hotel sponsors a very different event -  a handicap race which skis reverse around the 7.5 km trail. The handicapper is typically very wrong which opens up the chances of winning the Gold Coat to anybody who enters. The Gold Coat entitles the winner to free beer and lunch at the Sundeck for the following year.  This is a significant fund-raising event in support of the Australian National XC Ski Team - thank you Sundeck Hotel!

Mystery Coffee Tour #2 – (Friday 12th of August)

If you missed out on the first Coffee Tour or you would like to go again, hop on board for another tour out to a different secluded spot where again you can enjoy fine coffee and biscuits. Always a blast and only ever not held if bad weather is around.

Snowy Mountains Classic – (Saturday 13th of August)

This race provides fantastic racing to skiers, with a choice of 2.5, 7.5, 15 and 30 km distances. It is always a great training race for those who are going in the Kangaroo Hoppet. The organisers explore the trails to find interesting courses that are different from the usual 2.5 to 10 km trails. The SMC Presentations are famous for the impressive prizes!

2022 End of XC Ski Week Presentations – (Saturday 13th of August)

Anyone can get a prize! It is a lot of fun where the old adage "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" is front and centre.

You must be there to win the prizes, with a wide range of sponsors helping us out here. Salomon generously supplies the Grand Prize skis/boots/bindings package. Other great supporters, like Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa, Rhythm Snowsports, Wilderness Sports, K7 Ski School and others enthusiastically add to the prize pool.

Other prizes like the Clubs Competition Bronze ski will also be presented. 

The 2022 End of XC Ski Week Presentations will be held at the Corroboree Lodge starting at 3 pm sharp.

To view the latest information, check out the 2022 XC Ski Week - Notice Board by CLICKING HERE  

NSW Ski Orienteering Championships - (Sunday 14th of August)

If you still have energy left from the week that was, and you want to test your navigational skills, have a crack at Ski Orienteering.  Starting at the Nordic Shelter at 10 am.


Huw Kingston, one of the Perisher XC community, is on an Alpine Odyssey “skiing the length of the Australian Alps, skiing every snow resort, raising funds for Our Yarning”. The Nordic Shelter is following Huw’s progress as he makes his way, hoping to arrive in Perisher around 8 or 9 September. When Huw arrives we plan on holding a fundraiser ourselves, to contribute to Huw’s fundraising - something along the lines of a bacon and egg roll for breakfast and a ski around the Perisher XC trails with the man himself, all in exchange for a donation to Save The Children's “Our Yarning” project. Click on the link to follow Huw’s progress/make a donation - https://www.huwkingston.com/alpine-odyssey


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