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Perisher X Country NEWS, 27/8/2018, Newsletter 05


This being the fifth PXC NEWS newsletter to go out this season. There is a lot of information about XC Ski Week and also information about some great long standing club competitions which are on during this September.

Enjoy your skiing as the snow cover in now the best it has been for the whole season.

The next newsletter will be more about PXC itself and what you can do to help out this organisation to be ever better.

See you on the snow,



Welcome Archive!

Perisher X Country welcome you to our fifth newsletter of PXC NEWS. This newsletter is the latest news of what is happening within PXC, with special reference to the volunteers and to those who have a keen interest in helping grow cross country skiing.


Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing to a wider audience so that one of the best kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to our website and subscribe to PXC NEWS

Post XC Ski Week Newsletter and More

Firstly an observation by the joint creator/ editor of this newsletter - Wayne Pethybridge.

We all should know by now that Cross Country Skiing is positively the best exercise out there. Wayne has been skiing most weekends since the snow fell and was at the whole of XC Ski Week. Now back to more weekend running and yesterday, even a swim. Thanks to XC skiing, Wayne's cardo-vascular endurance is much higher than before the winter. Now able to run longer and faster and the swimming is better than last in the pool (e.g. 2 months ago). Totally seeing the benefits of using both arms and legs in a single exercise. I hope the most of you have been seeing and feeling these benefits, depending on how much skiing you have been doing.

As the title suggests, in this newsletter you can find out all that took place during XC Ski Week, with a special reference to the big, new Club's Competition. As the season is not done by a long way, there is also information about two of the longest running club competitions in the Snowy Mountains, the Balmain Cup and the Perisher Cup. Starting off with the XC Ski Week Wrap Up.

XC Ski Week Wrap Up

XC Week continues to be a special week for all those who take part in it. Make it your quest for the coming year to tell or promote to all, just how great a week it is. If your acquaintances have been known to have a pair of skinny skis on their feet, make sure they know well in advance, so they can make their accommodation bookings in time. There is nothing better than “Word of Mouth” advertising so please make it a point to spread the word. To keep it to yourself is just plain greedy.

The Latest News story regarding the "XC Ski Week Wrap Up" is up on the website, so "Click Here" to check it out   

XC Ski Week "Clubs Competition"

What can we say, except to inform you all that the Cooma Ski Club won this years competition. 

 The Latest News story of all the information regarding the "XC Ski Week Clubs Competition" is up on the website, so "Click Here" to check it out

Balmain Cup 

Thank you to Wendy Olsen for providing the following information.

The 85th running of the Balmain Cup will be held on Saturday 1 September 2018

Skiers and Snowboarders young and old talk of the Balmain Cup with affection. The Balmain Cup has been running for 85 years and is the oldest interclub snowsports competition in Australia.

It is a friendly but hard fought meeting of skiers and snowboarders.

The cup was donated in 1936 by the Balmain brothers, who, in those days, ran a bus service in the Snowy. The Balmain bothers involvement in the event ended long ago – but their cup goes on.

Back in the pre-lift days of downhilling, the race was held at such places as Mt Franklin, Cabramurra and Kiandra. When races completed a run, they climbed to the top again with skins on their skis. Today’s competitors would not consider racing under such primitive conditions!

The race consists of a slalom, giant slalom, snowboard giant slalom and cross country run. Each club can enter six racers in each discipline, and the best 3 disciplines of a club are used to determine the overall club winner.

Club Participation in the Balmain Cup is subject to two prerequisites; corporate membership of SnowSports ACT and the historical foundation of the club must be in the South East region of NSW (club must have been formed in the region for members from the region).

For more information, contact Wendy Olsen at info@snowsportsact.com.au.

Perisher Cup - 15th of September

This year being the 65th year of competition where all ski clubs at Perisher, Guthega and Smiggin Holes can enter. This event being strongly supported by Perisher the Resort and Perisher Historical Society (PHS)

Much thanks to Philip Woodman of PHS for providing the attached "Media Release". Please "Click Here" to go to the Latest News story on this event. From there you can click on the "Media Release".

Alan (Barney) Davis the main contact for this event, Barney's mobile No is 0411 189 974. To get even more information about the "Perisher Cup" plus to find out how to enter, "Click Here"

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