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Perisher X Country NEWS, 28/6/2018, Newsletter 02

Welcome to the second edition of PXC NEWS, this edition not being quite as epic as the first but having some good information for the start of the season.

See you all on the snow,

Kind Regards


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Welcome Archive!

Perisher X Country welcome you our second newsletter of PXC NEWS. This newsletter is the latest news of what is happening within PXC, with special reference to the volunteers and to those who have a keen interest in helping grow cross country skiing.


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Let the Games Begin

Last weekend the Valley Trail, the 2.5 and 5 km trails were open, with the groomed surface improving all the time. Jono our grooming operator is quickly regaining his skills having worked on our trails previously. Last Sunday’s skiing was excellent.

This newsletter not being as large as our first but with some timely information to kick off the season.

In this edition of PXC NEWS a summary of what’s to come is as follows:

1.      Around the Nordic Shelter

2.      Welcome to Perisher XC Centre 2018  “something new & different for winter

3.      Nordic Shelter Fundraiser - Auction Closes (next Saturday - 30/6 at Midday)

4.      PXC Cup

5.      Club Competition In XC Ski Week

6.      Updates to the Website

7.      APSI Instructor Courses at Perisher

8.      Photos please

9.      New Sponsor - Jindabyne Yoga Shala

Thanks to Mike Edmondson, our resident photographer, for managing and supplying the large majority of the images within the website and newsletters.

1.      Around the Nordic Shelter

Starting from next weekend 30/6/18 there will be events happening on each weekend right thru to September so keep an eye on the calendar to see what is on next. Whilst there are two resident managers, Geraldine and Adrian, on the weekend things can become quite hectic as there is plenty on. The managers always appreciate a hand so if there is a task that needs to be done and you have some free time, don’t be shy. It is good to assist with the BBQ as this is an important part of weekends at the Nordic Shelter and shovelling is always appreciated.

This coming weekend there are fun times with Tim Greville and Paddy Pallin Juniors races on the Saturday (30/6) and Cooma Ski Club's Clean out the Cobwebs (1/7), short freestyle race on Sunday.

Geraldine and Adrian are working with our Groomer Jono Whittaker to get the best possible result on the trails. Our Perisher trails are unique in Australia and other countries - not many XC ski trail areas are run over 100% natural terrain, as opposed to roads and fire trails you will find elsewhere.

2.    Welcome to Perisher XC Centre 2018  “something new & different  for winter

This coming Tuesday July 3 Wilderness Sports and Perisher XC have partnered to encourage you to come and experience XC skiing before the season gets too busy. Come to the light side and experience snow in a new way and have some fun.

Meet at the Shop by 9.45am on Tuesday to sort gear (or day before). FREE for Perisher resort staff; lodge managers and lodge staff. We will give you an overview of what we do here in the NPWS MSU Building (opposite the Fire Station) and what gear is available for you to hire from our store with a range of XC, Telemark and Snowshoe equipment, furthermore we can explain our tours, lessons and retail. 

We will gear up at the Trail Head and enjoy a short ski up to the Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter with a FREE how to XC Ski to get you there. 

Once we arrive the Managers (Geraldine and Adrian) of the Nordic Shelter will give you an overview of what is available to XC skiers and how much there is to enjoy at the Perisher XC Centre.  

Bacon and egg rolls will be served to keep you energised and keep things social before returning to the Trail Head, return equipment and head off.      #anotherbestday 

Time allowed 10 to 11.30 for those on a schedule.

Save the date – Tuesday July 3, 2018.

RVSP by Monday 4.00pm – Wilderness Sports Perisher 6457 5966 

3.      Nordic Shelter Fundraiser - Auction Closes                                       (next Saturday - 30/6 at Midday)

You’ve heard about the auction of the season’s first tray of mangoes (they went for $29,000.00 at the Brisbane Produce Markets last year) and the season’s first box of cherries (they sold for $110,000.00 at the Flemington Markets in Sydney in 2010) .... well this year we are auctioning off the season’s first batch of Pip Daley’s Famous Fudge.  We may not reach $110,000.00 or even $29,000.00, but we’ll have some fun, raise some money for the Nordic Shelter .... and someone will go home with the best fudge we’ve ever tasted.  

Pip will whip up a white chocolate and a dark chocolate slab of fudge for the auction. A slab works out to be about 20cm by 20cm in dimension and would be about 16-18 pieces of fudge per slab.  Pick up from the Nordic Shelter at an arranged time with the most successful bidder.  No queuing, no missing out….. best bid and the fudge is delivered to you!  Postage will be arranged if you are bidding remotely.

The link for the online auction is shown below.  It ends on Saturday ..... and surely Pip’s fudge is worth more than $60.00, the current highest bid.

Online Auction - Pip’s Famous Fudge

4.     PXC Cup – 21st of July

This is a new event and its race director, Wayne Pethybridge has to admit that it is still in the organising stage. He will be needing approximately 5 helpers on the day to run the event. If a 10 ish km skate is not to your liking, contact Wayne to let him know that you can help. He can be found by emailing Info@perisherxcountry.org or calling 0431 285 566. He will also be up at the Nordic Shelter on the weekends before that event. Wayne promises it to be a fun event with plenty of novelty prizes. This event can be entered ON-LINE , just see the Events – Local Events page on the website.

5.      Club Competition in XC Ski Week

The PXC management is doing what we do best and that is organising. We are looking to run a special competition between the clubs and lodges of Perisher, Guthega, Smiggins and Charlotte Pass (if they would like to ski down). The competition is based purely on participations and numbers from each club or lodge calculated over all the events during XC Ski Week. Thanks to Barney we have already acquired a fantastic trophy and with some luck we will have a substantial prize to back it up.  Stay tuned as more information will be provided as more is known, which completely makes sense.

6.      Updates to the Website

We are currently working with the websites programmers to have an area within the PXC website that will store the newsletters so that we can go back in time to see what was sent. This will be under the News tab on the top of the page. Here you will be able to choose LATEST NEWS, PXC NEWS or PXC EDGE, so that old editions are not lost. Coming soon.

7.      APSI Instructor Courses at Perisher

For those of you thinking about obtaining Instructor qualifications, APSI has the following course running at Perisher.

Level 1- Saturday 30 June & Sunday 1 July

Level 2 - Monday 2 July to Wednesday 4 July

Level 3 - Monday 2 July to Thursday 5 July

There are still vacancies for each course. Grab the opportunity to gain a qualification. Here is the link to register.  


8.      Photos Please

We are always looking for good images of the sights and people having fun in the snow on their XC skis. If you have taken some good shots, please email them on to PXC at info@perisherxcountry.org. Title the email “Photo’s” and give us the details on who is in the image, where and when the image was taken, and of course the photographer.

If the image has kids in it, you must have permission of the kids parents for those images to be sent on to us to be shown.

These images (if good, in the judge's unbiased opinion-that is, mine) could end up on the website, newsletters and at the very least, in the website's Gallery section.

9.     New Sponsor - Jindabyne Yoga Shala

PXC has a new sponsor. It is great to have Jane Corben of Jindabyne’s Yoga Shala on board as our most recent sponsor. Jane has many clients that XC ski and I am told is a keen Mountain Biker.



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