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Perisher X Country NEWS, 20/01/2020, Newsletter #17


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These newsletters are focused on what is happening within PXC, with special reference to the volunteers and to those who have a keen interest in helping grow the sport of cross-country skiing. PXC is a sub-committee of the northern division of Snow Australia and is responsible for growing the participation in XC skiing in Perisher Valley and beyond.


In safe hands!! The cavalry has arrived in Perisher (9/1/20, courtesy of Perisher Fire Station Facebook).

2020 Summer XC work Party #2 - Feb 1-2 (and other matters).

Well, what a summer so far!!

Announcement of the 2020 XC Work Party dates has been delayed until now due to uncertainties created by bushfires in this area. Thanks to Fireys, NPWS, SES and lots of others, the XC Trails, the Nordic Shelter and the local resorts are all intact. It was a scary thing until the weather dispensed some kindnesses. Jindabyne with no visitors in peak tourist times is unsettling.

Currently, there is still some smoke and parts of Kosciuszko National Park are closed to normal visitation and activities until further notice.  HOWEVER, it is cooler, there has been rain, we are having less smoke more consistently in Jindabyne and access to the Park is gradually opening up. Read the attached NOTICE from KNP issued last night. Things feel better and more positive all round. 

The first 2020 XC Work Party is scheduled for 1-2 February. As things are now, we will be permitted access to Perisher to work at the Shelter only. There is plenty to do at the Shelter and work on the trails can occur later in the summer.  

If you intend to join us, please let me know (nswxc1@gmail.com) by Wednesday evening, 29 January. Bring work clothes for inside and outside (all weather), gloves and fly protection. Tools that might be useful are mattocks, spades and a good whipper-snipper. Dust masks and safety glasses will be needed for a couple of jobs. The BBQ will be fired up for lunch and the usual hot drinks will be available.

Accommodation will be at Canberra Alpine Club in Jindabyne for the weekend (thank you CAC!). If you require accommodation, please contact Peter Cunningham (peter.petercunningham@gmail.com). As usual, please bring bed linen, towel, food and drink.

Two interesting new initiatives have been introduced for the XC work Parties - assisting with research on Snow Gum Die-back and a Boot Hygiene station to reduce chances of spreading weeds and other pests. Check out the attached article and we can discuss these valuable programs on the weekend. 

Finally, please pencil in the 2020 XC Work Party dates for summer and autumn. Dates are subject to change and will be confirmed prior to each Work Party. These are important activities that have a great impact on our XC experience once winter arrives.

  • 1-2 February
    29 March - 1 February
    4-5 April
    2-3 May
    6-7 June

We are grateful for the improved conditions and definitely appreciate the newly arrived smoke-free days! Hope to see you on the mountain.

Peter Ward

NSWACT XC Committee

P.S. Make note of the new Australian Sports Foundation link for tax-deductible donations for the maintenance and development of the Nordic Shelter - https://asf.org.au/projects/snow-australia---northern/nordic-shelter-development/

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