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Perisher X Country NEWS, 3/07/2020, Newsletter #21


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Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing so that one of the best-kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to the PXC website (Contact Us page) and subscribe to PXC NEWS, PXC EDGE and daily XC Trail Reports during winter. PXC News is focused on the activities of volunteers and those who have a keen interest in helping grow the sport of XC skiing. PXC is a sub-committee of the northern division of Snow Australia and aims to grow participation in XC skiing in Perisher Valley and beyond.


Follow the Blue Corridor..........

The Nordic Shelter is Open – A Little Bit……………

When you come to the Perisher XC Centre this winter, be prepared to be completely self-sufficient – bring prepared picnics, water, waterproof mats for setting your things and yourself on, everything you need for a ski day without the use of the Nordic Shelter.  However, there will be that most essential of services available - toilets!!!

Working through the COVID restrictions, it became clear that it would be impossible to open the Shelter under the current distancing requirements, amongst other issues, so we concentrated on what was possible. Snow Australia and the Nordic Shelter Management Committee developed a workable COVID Safety Plan that would allow XC skiers safe access to the toilets and even limited access to the wax room. 

There are lots of rules around access and users are asked to follow them to the letter in order to retain the limited access to the Shelter that we have. There will be plenty of signage but basically you will follow the Blue Corridor clockwise through the South Room, past the re-configured toilets and out through the North Room. The Wax Room can be used by only one person at a time, with conditions.  The full Conditions of Entry are copied below. 

COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on every aspect of our lives. Maybe, as cross country skiers, we are a bit luckier that many sports. We will miss our usual access to the Shelter, but, when the snow arrives, we will have groomed trails with plenty of room for everyone. And we will have toilets!

Please support Geraldine and Arnold by following the rules and sanitising and cleaning every time you get the chance. They will be working in the background to keep the Shelter in good order for those who use it.

There will be very few of the usual fundraising activities this winter, and all of the usual expenses.  Consider a tax-deductible donation - https://asf.org.au/projects/snow-australia---northern/nordic-shelter-development/.  Or if you feel like making an impulse donation, you will find the Flying Pig on the Foyer hand sanitisation station ready to take your cash.


Be sure to sign up for daily XC Trail and Conditions Reports (on the Contact Us page of the PXC website) to get first-hand news from the Nordic Shelter.

So, we have toilets, we have trails that were prepared during summer and we have grooming just waiting to happen. Fingers now crossed for snow!



·      Leave all bags and belongings outside.

·      One person at a time in the entry foyer.

·      Sanitise your hands

·      Enter the Blue Corridor to the left - keep social distances.

·      Move along the Blue Corridor in turn, keeping socially distant.

·      Pause at the marked Waiting Place until a toilet is free.

·      1 Person or Parent/Child per toilet.

·      Wash your hands and wipe down sink, etc. after yourself

·      Exit through the North Room.

·      Sanitise your hands as you leave

·      Move away from the Nordic Shelter entrance.

·      Follow directions of Managers and Nordic Shelter Volunteers.



If Possible, Wax at Home.

·      One person in the Wax Room at a time.

·      Complete and sign the Register

·      Time limit – 10 minutes

·      Ski Limit – 1 pair of skis

·      Leave other skis, poles, bags and personal belongings outside.

·      Sanitise your hands when you enter.

·      Only bring in skis to be waxed, wax, scraper and iron.

·      Clean the wax bench.

·      Wipe down touched areas with disinfectant.

·      Sanitise your hands as you leave.


NORDIC SHELTER - Conditions of Entry

·     Enter at own risk. People using the Perisher Nordic Shelter are expected to take responsibility for assessing their own risk of acquiring COVID-19. 

·     The Perisher Nordic Shelter will not be liable for any health costs that a user may incur as a result of visiting the Perisher Nordic Shelter.

·     All users are required to obey any lawful direction from the Shelter Managers or authorised delegate. Serious breaches of protocol may result in expulsion from the Perisher Nordic Shelter.

·     You may not enter if you are unwell or exhibiting COVID like symptoms.

·     You may not enter if you have had a COVID-19 contact or impact during the previous 14 days.

·     All users must comply with all applicable physical distance requirements (presently 1.5m), number restrictions, hand and sneeze/cough hygiene requirements and cleaning and disinfecting requirements. 

·     All users of the wax room facility must sign and provide contact details in the sign in register located in the wax room. Details will be kept to assist in the event contact tracing is required. Failure to comply with provision of contact details will result in the user being banned from further use of the wax room during the 2020 season, and may result in the wax room being closed for all users.

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