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Perisher X Country NEWS, 1/8/2018, Newsletter 04


Here is the 4th edition of the PXC, it was supposed to be short and quick but as you delve further into what is happening in XC Ski Week, it is as big as the first edition. With more quality snow on the way, we are in for a good time starting soon.

See you on the snow,



Welcome Archive!

Perisher X Country welcome you to our fourth newsletter of PXC NEWS. This newsletter is the latest news of what is happening within PXC, with special reference to the volunteers and to those who have a keen interest in helping grow cross country skiing.


Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing to a wider audience so that one of the best kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to our website and subscribe to PXC NEWS.

Pre - XC Ski Week Newsletter

 Note: The above image is of one of our Coffee Tours, which is one of the many features of XC Ski Week.

Only a few days now before the games begin. This newsletter gives your the latest information that you need to know if you are taking part in this year's XC Ski Week. We have also added in a few news items about what has happened so far during this winter at the Perisher XC Ski Centre. In this edition of PXC NEWS a summary of what’s to come is as follows: 

1. Club Competition During XC Ski Week - $1000 First Prize

2. Night Relays (5th Event of XC Ski Week) 

3. KAC Classic (8th Event of XC Ski Week)

4. Sundeck Cup (9th Event of XC Ski Week)

5. Snowy Mountains Classic 2018 (11th Event of XC Ski Week)

6. All the other events during XC Ski Week , including the Main Presentations

7. The story of the Magic Pudding, whoops we mean FUDGE.

8. Support your Ski Equipment and Ski Instruction service providers

9. Name a Ski Trail - Fund Raising Auction

Check out the XC Ski Week calendar on our website to see all the other events that make the whole week special. When entering the events make it easy for yourself and do it on-line. Click here to go to the XC Ski Week calendar to see the events and the options of how you can enter. When entering on-line, remember if you are a member of a club, please make sure you enter this information to assist with the new club competition.

A fantastic season so far (hey we cannot have good weather all the time) with all events being run. Thanks to the Nordic Shelter managers (Geraldine Blanch & Adrian Blake) who have been worked hard over the weekends with the weekdays only just allowing enough time to recover before the next onslaught. A good turn out of volunteers have made the running of the Australian Championships in both Seniors & Juniors in both the distance and sprint events go smoothly.

The first PXC Cup, whilst having a modest turn out, was enjoyed greatly by the appreciative competitors.

Vale - Ron Burton

A keen XC skier and member of KAC.  Ron passed away suddenly last Friday following a boating accident. His funeral will be held at the Uniting Church, Rocky Plains Rd, Round Plain on a date yet to be set.  We extend our deepest condolences to his wife Barbara and family.  

Thanks to Mike Edmondson, our resident photographer, for managing and supplying the large majority of the images within the website and newsletters.

1. Club Competition During XC Ski Week - $1000 First Prize

As noted in the last edition of PXC NEWS when we first announced this fantastic new club competition, it was noted that PXC reserves the rights to change, adjust and hopefully make better, the ground rules surrounding this competition, right up to the beginning of XC Ski Week. The recent "Latest News" story about this competition has been updated to reflect the latest with respect to who can enter. 

Basically though, now, to take part and support your club (lodge based in the Perisher, Smiggins, Guthega or Charlotte Pass) all you have to be is a either a paid member of the club/ lodge or a guest of a club/ lodge. So as a paid member you don't have to be staying at your lodge for your number to count. 

Note: This initiative relies on fair play and not a win at all cost attitude where-by non - members of a club which are not staying at a club are counted. Those clubs found to be bringing in ring-ins into the competition will be dealt with swiftly with a 5 point deduction being made to their totals per entry per event (newly updated rule).

This new club competition is designed to encourage members of clubs to take part in the week and to encourage their guests to take part as well, the more the merrier.  Click here to check out the "Latest News" story about this initiative.

Note: At any of the 11 events make sure the organisers have recorded whether you  are a member of a club or a staying guest of a club and of course which club that is - very important.

2. Night Relays (5th Event of XC Ski Week) 

The night relays have been apart of XC Ski Week since 1988, always a hoot and adding a new dimension to ones skiing. After the event there is our candle light dinner which is fully catered for. The menu is as follows:

* Braised Pork hot pot w/cider & mustard

* Leek & Mushroom pesto creamy pasta

*Vegetable Korma coconut curry

*Tex Mex chilli beef con-carne 

* Bread & accompaniments

* Dessert - Chocolate Brownie's & Icecream

All profits from the relay and the dinner go directly to supporting the Nordic Shelter.

Two changes to the evening format is as follows:

(a) Aiming for a 5.30 start, which means a sometime shortly afterwards.

(b) Cheap snow cat trips home after the dinner. PXC is subsidising the ride whereby all you do is pay an additional $5 at the start of the evening. 

3. KAC Classic (8th Event of XC Ski Week)

 Please check out the Latest News story, Click Here.

You can enter by clicking here.

There may have been some miss - information somewhere out in the ethos stating otherwise to the following but the start will be below KAC Perishers lodge - Alpenhof, which I believe is the usual location.

4. Sundeck Cup (9th Event of XC Ski Week)

Check out the latest "Latest News" story on this important event within XC Ski Week.  Click Here!

Only 70 places available so enter soon. 

5. Snowy Mountains Classic 2018 (11th Event of XC Ski Week)

The Snowy Mountains Classic remains one of the main events of the week with this being the only real long distance event. As Peter Cunningham and crew are always trying to use the outer touring trails, this race has often been the highlight of the week and particularly when the weather is good which it has been for the majority of the events since the beginning in 2000. Click Here to get the full story from Peter about this great race.

6. All the other events during XC Ski Week, including the Main Presentations

So far in this news letter we have only written about 4 of the 11 events. There is so much more.

Four events on the first weekend, so hectic from the start. The latest news on the Cooma Open is that there will be a 1, 5 and 10 km freestyle (skating) races so young juniors up-to seniors can take part. The presentations will be in the Nordic Shelter.

All other events can be found by clicking here. If you want to find out more about the history of XC Ski Week and more about each event, read further once you scroll down on the link.

5 events now mentioned, only 6 to go. We did not mention the Mystery Coffee Tours (x 2), now there is 4.

End of XC Ski Week Presentations

Finally, at the end of the week, after the Snowy Mountains Classic, there will be the main presentation for the week. Key points are that you have to be there to get a prize. Approximately $5000 - $6000 worth of prizes are given out or won, with the main prizes being the Lake Crackenback Resort prize, The Salomon ski package and finally the new $1000 Club Competition prize.

The Snowy Mountains Classic Presentation starts at 3 pm at the Sundeck Hotel, with the main presentations starting from 3.30 pm on-wards.  

7. The Story of the Magic Pudding, whoops we mean FUDGE.

Now we have got your attention , click here to find out the real story behind the FUDGE

8. Support your Ski Equipment and Ski Instruction service providers

Whilst up for XC Ski Week if your looking for ski equipment or ski hire, check out Rhythm Snowsports or Wilderness Sports. Rhythm has shops in Cooma & Smiggins. Wilderness has shops in Jindabyne and Perisher. In Perisher Wilderness Sports operates out of the NPWS building where equipment sales, ski hire and ski lessons are provided. 

When looking for ski lessons, again check out Wilderness Sports and K7 Adventures. Part of XC Ski Week is about improving your skills and trying to regain previous good form so no time like the present to get a lesson.

K7 Adventures are having pre - KAC Classic Clinics on the 5th of August (Sunday) from 1 to 3 pm and on the 7th of August (Tuesday) from 1.30 to 3 pm . Contact all suppliers by Click Here and then source the supplier of your choice 

9. Name a Ski Trail - Fund Raising Auction

Whilst the story about the Fudge is a wonderful story about how from little things big things grow, here is another great initiative on how people can donate money towards the Nordic Shelter.

During XC Ski Week there will be an auction on naming rights for the various ski trails. Geraldine our hostess or Manager of the Nordic Shelter has advertised it as follows:

Loosen the purse strings (ladies) and wallets (gentlemen), use those fertile imaginations and give us all something to smile about during XC Week. Place a bid toName A Trail

Out of courtesy and respect for the late Ron Burton, his wife Barbara has already bid and won the naming rights to the 5 km trail.

Of course if you simply would like to make a donation to the Nordic Shelter, please Click Here

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