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Perisher X Country NEWS, 1/8/2019, Newsletter #15


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This newsletter is focused on what is happening within PXC, with special reference to the volunteers and to those who have a keen interest in helping grow the sport of cross-country skiing. PXC is a sub-committee of the northern division of Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) and is responsible for growing the participation in XC skiing in Perisher Valley and beyond.


The above photo shows a typical "Mystery Coffee Tour" crowd. Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing to a wider audience so that one of the best-kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to the PXC website (Contact Us page) and subscribe to PXC NEWS.

Pre - XC Ski Week Newsletter

Only a few days now before the games begin. This newsletter gives your the latest information that you need to know if you are taking part in this year's XC Ski Week.

A summary of what’s to come is as follows: 

1. XC SKI WEEK - Club Competition - $1000 First Prize

2. Cooma Open (1st Event of XC Ski Week)

3. Boonoona Open (2nd Event of XC Ski Week)

4. Charlotte Pass Open (3rd Event of XC Ski Week) 

5. Night Relays (4th Event of XC Ski Week) 

6. Coffee Tours (5th & 9th Event of XC Ski Week)

7. Hello in the Snow (6th Event of XC Ski Week)

8. KAC Classic (7th Event of XC Ski Week)

9. Sundeck Cup (8th Event of XC Ski Week)

10. Snowy Mountains Classic 2019 (10th Event of XC Ski Week)

11. All the other events during XC Ski Week , including the Main    Presentations

12 NSW Ski Orienteering Championships 

13. Support your Ski Equipment and Ski Instruction service providers

14. Name a Ski Trail - Fund Raising Auction

15. Twilight Skiing - Mid August?

All events within XC Ski Week can be found by CLICKING HERE. If you want to find out more about the history of XC Ski Week and more about each event, read further once you scroll down on the link.

1. XC SKI WEEK - Club Competition - $1000 First Prize

The Cooma Ski Club is keen to try and win this fantastic club prize again having won last year’s inaugural prize by 56 points over Maranatha Ski Club, e.g. Cooma Ski Club 97 points, Maranatha Ski Club 41 points and Telemark Ski Club 39 points. If you want to find out more details of last year’s competition check out the 27/8/18 edition of PXC NEWS (held within the website).

As noted before last year’s XC Ski Week, “PXC reserves the rights to change, adjust and, hopefully, make equitable, the ground rules surrounding this competition, right up to the beginning of XC Ski Week”. It was duly noted that for the 2019 competition there will be a sizable handicap applied so that the other clubs have a good chance of winning. 

Basically, to take part and support your club (lodge based in the Perisher, Smiggins, Guthega or Charlotte Pass) all you have to be is a either a paid member of the club/ lodge or a guest of a club/ lodge. So, as a paid member you don't have to be staying at your lodge for your number to count. 

Note: This initiative relies on fair play and not a win-at-all-cost attitude. Non-members of a club who are not staying at a club can’t be counted. Those clubs found to be drafting ring-ins into the competition will be dealt with swiftly with a 5 point deduction being made to their totals per entry per event (This rule as noted in 2018).

The Club Competition is designed to encourage members of clubs to take part in the week and to encourage their guests to take part as well, the more the merrier.

Note: At any of the 10 events make sure the organisers have recorded whether you are a member of a club or a staying guest of a club and of course which club that is - very important.

The handicap amount is determined by the PXC exec committee and is calculated so that more clubs have an incentive to win the main prize. Also no one club can win the prize more than 2 years in a row.

For the 2019 competition the Cooma Ski Club will be handicapped at 90% of its 2018 points lead, e.g. 90% of 56 points = 50 points.

The official handing over ceremony of the Brass Ski by Cooma Ski Club will be held at the very start of XC Ski Week at the Cooma Open presentations on the 3rd of August.

2. Cooma Open (1st Event of XC Ski Week)

See all the new arrivals for XC Ski Week come out of the wood work to have a crack in the first event. The 10 km trail is open and ready for all you free-stylers to have a quick lap. Post-race, great fun is always had at the presentations which will be held in the Nordic Shelter. Also the official handing over of the Club's Competition "Brass Ski" will take place.

Enter on the day, race starts at 11 am.

3. Boonoona Open (2nd Event of XC Ski Week) 

This race has been held since 1976. It was the first to cover both skating and classic disciplines, in about 1990. CLICK HERE to enter (On-Line Entries close this evening (1st of August). You can also enter on the day before 9.30 am

Presentations are held from 5 pm at the Boonoona Ski Club in the warmth of the Carl Melvey room. First we race and then we are social.

4. Charlotte Pass Open (3rd Event of XC Ski Week) 

Test out your classical wax on the ski up from Perisher to Charlotte Pass before going in a quick, interval timed start classical race. Typical distance means you are finished in 15 mins before being given a lovely lunch courtesy of the KAC lodge whilst Gus Hearl gives out the prizes. Always a fun event. Race has been going since Adam was a boy. Seek a KAC historian to find out how old it is. To enter on-line CLICK HERE

5. Night Relays (4th Event of XC Ski Week) 

If you are thinking of attending the NSW Night Relays and associated frivolities on Monday evening, you may wish to embrace the Bavarian/Oktoberfest theme and come appropriately attired - think lederhosen and dirndl dresses and don't forget the cow bells (if available).  The Nordic Shelter Oompah Band will, rumour has it, make a grand entrance and provide a musical interlude to get you into the mood.

Click Here to see the Night Relay Flyer

The night relays have been apart of XC Ski Week since 1988, always a hoot and adding a new dimension to one’s skiing. After the event there is the Candle Light Dinner which is catered by our favourite skidoo-based chef – Sean.

All profits from the relay and the dinner go directly to supporting the Nordic Shelter.

Two points to remember:

(a) Be there by 5.30 to organise your teams and entries.

(b) Cheap snow cat trips home after the dinner. PXC is subsidising the ride whereby all you do is pay an additional $5 at the start of the evening. 

6. Coffee Tours (5th & 9th Event of XC Ski Week)

This year is the 7th year that the Mystery Coffee Tours have been running with only once having to shelter at the Eiger Chalet due to extreme weather. So, there will be coffee, one way or another!

If the weather is sufficiently bad, we will be going to either the Eiger Chalet or the Corroboree Lodge to buy their coffees and eat our biscuits. Please call 0431 285 566 on the day if you have any concerns on whether the full Mystery Coffee tour will be taking place due to bad weather. Cost for the Cafe option is $5 per person plus the cost of your coffees.

To get some idea on numbers, please put your name down on a form that will be on one of the Nordic Shelter notice boards. 

Be at the Nordic Shelter from 9.00 am so the tour leaders can organise an appropriate group for you. All groups will be gone from the Nordic Shelter by 9.45 am.

Cost is $10 per person. 

7. Hello in the Snow (6th Event of XC Ski Week)

Having taken part in the morning coffee tour, why not make it along to the Marritz Hotel from 4.00 pm to enjoy lovely finger food and good company. Click here to see the "Hello in the Snow" flyer.

8. KAC Classic (7th Event of XC Ski Week)

We believe this is the KAC Classic’s 48th year assuming that the first race was in 1972.

With the choice of classic or skating , Click Here to Enter

9. Sundeck Cup (8th Event of XC Ski Week)

Cliff Wallis, owner of the Sundeck Hotel, has been running the Sundeck Cup for (including this year) for 15 years with the main aim being to raise money for the National XC Ski Team. All funds raised from race entries go towards this fund. Sundeck matches this amount plus supplies a lovely lunch and drinks for all the competitors.

To enter for this event, "CLICK HERE"

10. Snowy Mountains Classic 2018 (10th Event of XC Ski Week)

The Snowy Mountains Classic remains one of the main events of the week with this being the only real long distance event. As Peter Cunningham and crew are always trying to use the outer touring trails, this race has often been the highlight of the week, particularly when the weather is good which it has been for the majority of the events since the beginning in 2000.  Click Here to get the full story from Peter about this great race and to be able to enter the race on-line.

11. End of XC Ski Week Presentations

Finally, at the end of the week, after the Snowy Mountains Classic, there will be the main presentation for the week. Key points are that you have to be there to get a prize. Approximately $5000 - $6000 worth of prizes are given out or won, with the main prizes being the Lake Crackenback Resort prize, The Salomon ski package and finally the new $1000 Club Competition prize.

The Snowy Mountains Classic Presentation starts at 2.30 pm at the Sundeck Hotel, with the main presentations starting at 3.00 pm on-wards.  

12 NSW Ski Orienteering Championships 

The last hurrah! Test both your navigation and skiing skills on Sunday after XC Ski Week. To enter CLICK HERE  More information can be found by CLICKING HERE

 13. Support your Ski Equipment and Ski Instruction service providers

Whilst up for XC Ski Week if you are looking for ski equipment or ski hire, check out Rhythm Snowsports or Wilderness Sports. Rhythm has shops in Cooma & Smiggins. Wilderness has shops in Jindabyne and Perisher. In Perisher Wilderness Sports operates out of the NPWS building where equipment sales, ski hire and ski lessons are provided. 

When looking for ski lessons, again check out Wilderness Sports and K7 Adventures. Part of XC Ski Week is about improving your skills and trying to regain previous good form, so no time like the present to get a lesson. CLICK HERE to go to our Links Galore page on the website

 14. Name a Ski Trail - Fund Raising Auction

We are giving you the opportunity to bid to name one of the Perisher XC Trails for the duration of Perisher XC Week.  The highest bidder will win the right to name their trail for the duration of Perisher XC Week.  The online auction of trail names is a fundraiser for the Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter. Name the trail after yourself, a family member, friend, lodge, ski club, whatever.  Get creative and use your imagination to come up with a smart, amusing, or totally offbeat name.  Provided it is not offensive, we’ll name the trail as you wish.

CLICK HERE to make your bids towards naming a trail of your choice

 15. Twilight Skiing - 13th, 14th or 15th of August.

The inaugural Twilight Ski was held on the 16th of July .with the aim of having some great skiing under the light of the moon. Unluckily the moon did disappear at the crucial time with it only occasionally showing itself in all its glory. 10 people took up the opportunity anyway. It was a great evening – a BBQ and fire pit to socialise around. Skiing was quite the adventure. An amazing Lucky-dip prize was won by Michael & Natasha Brennan of Canberra who took out the $100 White Spider dinner gift voucher.

What was interesting was that even with cloud cover the light was sufficient to ski as the Perisher resorts lights reflected off the clouds.

The next Full-Moon is on the 15th of August (a Thursday) with either the 13th or 14th still being fine to conduct another event if sufficient interest is shown.

PXC would like to support a mid August Twilight Skiing event that is co-ordinated by local (Perisher or Jindabyne/ Monaro High Plains) members of the XC community.

If you are interested in helping organise and promote this event, please contact Wayne Pethybridge on 0431 285 566. It is easy to run as all you need to do is replicate what has already been done during the mid-July event. PXC can arrange for similar prizes to be given if sufficient interest is shown.

Night skiing is a great family event as it is often a first time experience for the kids, and sometimes for the adults too. With the help of the Nordic Shelter and PXC there is no reason why it should not be a regular event during all winters. 


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