2018 XC Ski Week Wrap-Up

XC Week continues to be a special week for all those who take part in it. Make it your quest for the coming year to tell all just how great a Week it is. If your acquaintances have been known to have a pair of skinny skis on their feet, make sure they know well in advance so they can make their accommodation bookings in time. There is nothing better than “Word of Mouth” advertising so please make it a point to spread the word. To keep it to yourself is just plain greedy.

There were eleven events in eight days, plenty of laughs and more than our fair share of trying weather with the KAC Classic winning the award for having the worst weather of the week. Luckily a good back-up plan was in place so that the KAC event could go ahead in a safe manner. Considering the overall weather conditions all events had good numbers.

Saturday - 4/8

First up - Fast and Female, an enjoyable instructional event to encourage more participation by women in XC skiing.

The Cooma Open was run for the first time during XC Ski week. Over 50 competitors took part with a fun presentation being held in the Nordic Shelter afterwards

Sunday - 5/8   

The Boonoona Open took place in snowy weather with 70 competitors taking part in a both the Classic and Skating events. Thanks to the Boonoona Ski Club for putting on a lovely presentation with fine food and drinks in the Carl Melvey Room. The Boonoona Presentations are a very social way to start the week and well worth the trek to their beautiful lodge.

Monday - 6/8

Like last year, the 2018 Charlotte Pass Open was split into 3 events, getting there from Perisher, doing the race and then skiing back, the weather being very snowy and blowy. Thanks to Gus Hearl and crew for running the race and feeding us lunch and cold beverages complements of the KAC Ski Club.  

Peter Ward's First Race of the Season - Been too Busy Running Them

The fundraising Nordic Shelter Twilight Relays and Dinner on Monday evening was well attended with all having fun skiing in what was basically a blizzard. We are a hardy bunch of individuals! Thanks to a host of people for running this event and, of course, to Friedl Bartsch for letting there be light. PXC/the Nordic Shelter significantly subsidized trips home to lodges after dinner by Hans Oversnow which helped greatly in getting greater numbers to join in. This was a successful fundraising event - fun was had AND funds were raised to help pay the Nordic Shelter bills.

Some of the Night Relay Skiers - Lovely Cold Powder Skiing

Tuesday - 7/8

Mystery Coffee Tour No 1. Those who braved the conditions had a remarkably good time searching the trails for hot coffee and food. The Chief Bush Barista was able to find a sheltered spot out of the wind the wind and the deep new snow. The group did feel sorry for those who were not game enough to brave the elements outside of their lodges.

In the afternoon there was more socializing to be had at the annual Perisher Historical Society/ PXC joint function at the Marritz Lodge - "Hello In The Snow".

Wednesday - 8/8

The anticipated phone calls and texts to the various lodges from KAC Central confirmed our expectations - the race would be significantly changed to ensure the safety of the competitors. The race was moved to run out of the Perisher XC Centre, with the course being twice around the 3.5 km loop.

There were 141 entries with 111 finishing the race. This was a huge testament to the character of the XC skiing community that so many people took part and finished in such tough conditions.

End-of-race nourishment was transferred from Charlotte Pass and Presentations were held in the warmth of the Nordic Shelter where Gus Hearl entertained us giving out prizes and gift vouchers (complements of Rhythm Snowsports) to overall and age group winners.

Thursday - 9/8

Blue sky and no wind - a miracle!  Time for Cliffie's Sundeck Cup. A capacity field of 70 people turned out on a great track. Much hilarity was had on the track before going up to the Sundeck Hotel to have more fun with meals and drinks being provided by our host.

Marg Sharp won the coveted Gold/ Khaki Jacket for having her estimated time closest to her true elapsed time.

Cliff matched the amount that the entry fees raised (or more) plus fed and watered us (old horsey term) up at his oasis on the hill, the Sundeck Hotel. All funds raised from this unique event are going towards assisting our future National XC Teams.

The Canberra Alpine Club (CAC), Sundeck Cup Ski team 

Friday - 10/8

Mystery Coffee Tour No 2 – another well attended event. The weather was better than Tuesday's but there were still moderate to strong winds in places. Luckily, as the morning went on, the winds turned from north westerlies to westerlies which gave our sheltered coffee spot more protection. Cooma Ski Club discovered this special event in numbers! Full marks to Cooma Ski Club for coming out in force and putting the XC Ski Week Clubs Competition result beyond doubt.

Caffeine Addicts, The Lot of Them - This Year's Coffee Tour #2 Group 

Saturday - 11/8

Oh no, could this be another Wednesday? Due to conflicting weather reports the course for the 2018 Snowy Mountains Classic was, at one stage, down to several laps of the 2.5 km course. Luckily on the morning the weather was nowhere as bad as predicted and the race was held doing less laps around a modified 7.5 Km loop. 105 game racers entered and 91 finished in all race distances. Most people were either finished or close to finishing before it finally did start to snow, for at least the the 20th time during the week. As per usual there was some great individual racing efforts whether it was on the 30 km, 15 km, 7.5 km or 2.5 km course.

End of XC Ski Week Presentations.

Back up to the Sundeck Hotel to have the Snowy Mountains Classic Presentations and then the main 2018 XC Week Presentations. The winner of the big prize, the Salomon Skis/ Boots/ Bindings and Poles was Marg Hayes. Luckily Marg was there to claim her prize!

These Presentations are a great forum to thank all the volunteers that helped out during XC Ski Week, all winter and right through to all the good work which is done during the summer in the Nordic Shelter and on the ski trails.

It is also the place to reward the skiers who took part in the events over the last 8 days by giving them the chance to win prizes either by special mention or via the lucky dips.

Special thanks to the sponsors who provided valuable prizes for the 2018 XC Week Presentations:

Wilderness Sports

Rhythm SnowSports 

Yoga Shala – Jindabyne

Sundeck Hotel – Major sponsor of the Sundeck Cup and the XC Ski Week Clubs Competition

Lake Crackenback Spa & Resort – (2 days for 4 people at this lovely resort)

Salomon (Amersports) – the Grand Major Prize of Skis, Boots, Bindings & Poles

Arnold D'Bras from the newly formed "Royal Island Bend Ski Club" won the Lake Crackenback prize.

The First Annual XC Week Clubs Competition was won by Cooma Ski Club on 97 points, followed by Maranatha Ski Club - 2nd with Telemark Ski Club - 3rd with 39 points.

The Presenting of the "Clubs Competition" Prize.

Cooma Ski Club not only won the coveted Brass Ski but also collected a gift voucher to the value of $1,000 to be spent on a club function at the Sundeck Hotel or the Tathra Hotel. This prize was provided jointly by Cliff and PXC. Much thanks to Cliff Wallis for again being at the forefront of helping promote XC skiing.

In summary and to echo the starting thoughts of this year’s XC Ski Week story - it is too good an event to not personally promote it to all skiers at every opportunity. More people means more fun so please take the time to spread the word.

See you all and more at 2019 XC Ski Week.