The Perisher XC Centre Trails and Conditions Report
Sun, Aug 14th, 2022 4:45 am

XC Week may have wrapped up yesterday, but events continue today. The NSW Ski Orienteering Championships start at 10.00am. Don’t be put off by the title - this is an opportunity for novices to try ski orienteering as well as a state championships for seasoned competitors. Bring the family, grab a group of friends, and give it a try. Enter as an individual or a team.

Dan the Groomer is out on the trails. All trails and links up to and including the 10 will be groomed and trackset this morning. It is snowing, so the trackset may be snowed in later in the day.

Katrina Phillips was the successful bidder for the use of ski locker 132 on the ski tube platform for the remainder of the season with a bid of $235.00.

Geraldine at the Nordic Shelter

Current Conditions at the Nordic Shelter:

Current Temperature: (c) -1.0
Overnight Low: (c) -1.0
Visibility: Fair
Wind: Westerly 22km/h gusting to 46km/h
Cloud Cover: 8/8
Weather: At the Nordic Shelter: Snowing
BOM: Cloudy. Very high (95%) chance of snow showers. Winds west to northwesterly 35 to 55 km/h increasing to 40 to 60 km/h in the late evening. Maximum of +1, minimum of -3.
Snow Cover: Apart from Paddy’s, all trails up to and including the 10 are intact. Paddy’s remains skiable, but is not groomable at present. A dusting of freshly fallen snow sits atop the groomed and trackset trails.

Trail grooming Report:

XC Centre/access: Groomed and trackset
Sprint Loop: Groomed and trackset
Valley Trail: Groomed and trackset
Ted's Link: Groomed and trackset
Ross's Link: Groomed and trackset
Carl's Link: Groomed and trackset
2.5 Km loop: Groomed and trackset
Coaches Link: Groomed and trackset
3.5 Km: Groomed and trackset
5 Km loop: Groomed and trackset
7.5 Km loop: Groomed and trackset
10 Km loop: Groomed and trackset
Porcupine Link to Rock Creek: Groomed and trackset last Sunday - patchy snow coverage
Porcupine Trail: Groomed and trackset to Betts Creek Monday. Links up to the 5 behind Valhalla - patchy snow coverage
Paddy's Link: Groomed and trackset Thursday
Other Grooming: Wheatley Link Trail from Perisher Gap to Porcupine Rocks groomed and trackset Monday
Betts Link Trail groomed and trackset Monday - patchy snow coverage


Today 10.00am - NSW Ski Orienteering Championships - enter at the Nordic Shelter - download (Marina Iskhakova 0412 308 310)

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