The Perisher XC Centre Trails and Conditions Report
Thu, Jun 21st, 2018 6:00 am

Another day in heaven.  Great early season snow conditions and no crowds. While no grooming occurred overnight, the Sprint Loop, Valley Trail and 5km were groomed yesterday and the 2.5km on Tuesday.

Geraldine and Adrian at the Nordic Shelter.

Current Conditions at the Nordic Shelter:

Current Temperature: (c) -4.9
Overnight Low: (c) -6
Visibility: Excellent
Wind: Negligible
Cloud Cover: 1/8
Weather: We’re predicting a beautiful sunny day.
Snow Cover: Firm on the groomed trails. Will soften as the day progresses.

Trail grooming Report:

XC Centre/access: Groomed yesterday.
Sprint Loop: Groomed yesterday.
Valley Trail: Groomed yesterday.
Ted's Link: Track packed on Monday.
Ross's Link: Groomed yesterday.
Carl's Link: Track packed on Monday
2.5 Km loop: Groomed on Tuesday.
Coaches Link: Groomed yesterday.
3.5 Km: Groomed on Sunday
5 Km loop: Groomed yesterday.
7.5 Km loop: Partially track packed and built on Monday but insufficient snow depth in some places to complete until next snowfall.
10 Km loop: Not yet track packed and built.
Porcupine Link to Rock Creek: Not yet track packed and built.
Porcupine Trail: Not yet trackpacked and built.
Paddy's Link: Not yet track packed and built.
Other Grooming: No grooming occurred overnight and no further grooming will take place until Friday night/Saturday morning.

Having met Carl from Canberra yesterday, a newcomer to XC skiing, but a long time alpine skier, it became apparent that not everyone, even those who receive this grooming report, are aware of the facilities provided in the Nordic Shelter, so for all the Carl’s out there:

The Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter at the Perisher XC Centre is a day use facility for XC skiers to enjoy when not skiing.  The public areas are equipped with two kitchens stocked with tea, coffee, sugar and milk so you can make yourself a cuppa, microwaves to heat up your lunch, sandwich presses to toast your sandwiches, cutlery and crockery.  It also has bathroom facilities, a place to leave your pack, a mobile device charging station and Wayne’s Waxatorium for you to wax your skis. A defibrillator will be installed soon. Upstairs is a manager’s flat, and administrative areas.  It is open daily from 7.00am to 5.00pm from the June long weekend until the October long weekend.  The Nordic Shelter is the heart and soul of the XC community in Perisher.

The Shelter is run and maintained by XC community volunteers with donations and fundraising.  Please leave a donation in the Yellow Box.

Nordic Shelter Fundraiser - Pip’s Famous Fudge

Bid online for your chance to take home the first fudge of the season - the link will be in tomorrow’s grooming report.

First events of the season:

Paddy Pallin Junior - Saturday 30 June at 11.00am - enter on the day.

Cooma Clean out the Cobwebs - Sunday 1 July at 11.00am - enter on the day.

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