The Perisher XC Centre Trails and Conditions Report
Mon, Oct 4th, 2021 6:05 am

The final report for the season.

Many thanks to Dan the Groomer and Iggy from HansOversnow. For a novice groomer Dan did a remarkable job on the trails - we hope to have you grooming again next winter. Iggy - the calmest man on the mountain, aside from Arnold - your support is greatly appreciated.

To the Nordic Shelter Management Group - who volunteer their time year round to maintain the Shelter and ensure it is ready to go each winter - thank you, even though the vast majority of you have been caught up in the various Government lockdowns imposed throughout the course of winter and had very little or even no opportunity to get to Perisher.

Last, but not least, Arnold, without whom I would not be here. Managing the Nordic Shelter over winter is a two peron job. From resolving IT issues to retrieving me when I have got bogged out on the 10 when ginzuing, Arnold comes to the rescue, and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you haven't already, please consider making a donation to the Nordic Shelter - the link to make a tax deductible donation is in the QuickLinks below.

We hope to see you all in 2022!

Geraldine at the Nordic Shelter

Current Conditions at the Nordic Shelter:

Current Temperature: (c) +5.8
Overnight Low: (c) +4.1
Visibility: Good
Wind: Westerly 28km/h with gusts to 65km/h
Cloud Cover: 6/8
Weather: At the Nordic Shelter: Blowy. Spitting.
BOM: Partly cloudy. High (80%) chance of showers, likely to fall as snow late this afternoon and evening. The chance of a thunderstorm this evening. Winds northwesterly 40 to 65 km/h. Maximum of +7
Snow Cover: Mainly vegetation on the XC trails with pockets of snow. Open water courses and bogs abound.

Trail grooming Report:

XC Centre/access:
Sprint Loop:
Valley Trail:
Ted's Link:
Ross's Link:
Carl's Link:
2.5 Km loop:
Coaches Link:
3.5 Km:
5 Km loop:
7.5 Km loop:
10 Km loop:
Porcupine Link to Rock Creek:
Porcupine Trail:
Paddy's Link:
Other Grooming: Grooming of the XC trails has ceased for 2021.