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Perisher X Country EDGE, 6/6/2018, Newsletter 01

Welcome to the first newsletter of Perisher X Country's, PXC EDGE. This newsletter describes how easy it is to manage our subscription options and what it is all about, what is happening this 2018 Winter at the Perisher XC Centre and a full XC Olympic wrap up. 

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Perisher X Country welcomes you to the very first newsletter of PXC EDGE. This newsletter is a short, sharp injection of information relating to XC Skiing, showing future events, the latest in XC Skiing, promotional videos, stories or anything of interest to the XC Skiing community.


Perisher X Country (PXC) is all about promoting the activity of Cross Country Skiing to a wider audience so that one of the best kept secrets around is not a secret anymore. Please encourage everyone to go to our website and subscribe to PXC EDGE.

Let the Games Begin

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With snow not far away, this newsletter covers what is in store at Perisher XC Centre and a story about our Australian Olympic XC Ski Team. This being the first newsletter, some housekeeping is in order.

With the PXC website we have developed a system whereby you can self-manage your subscriptions with PXC EDGE not being the only offering. The Perisher XC Centre Trails & Condition Report (formerly known as the “Grooming Report”) is managed here. The other newsletter is PXC NEWS for those who want to know more about what is happening within PXC. PXC EDGE is a celebration of what's great about XC Skiing with stories and information that are of interest to the existing and new XC Skiing community.

You can manage your subscription by clicking on the Unsubscribe or Manage button at the bottom of this newsletter. Any changes here simply updates our database. 

For those who want the “The Perisher XC Centre Trails & Condition Report” year in, year out, just leave it ticked so that we can re-start sending you reports once the snow arrives in the following year or earlier.

Growing the numbers who subscribe to 1 or all 3 of the options available is our number 1 goal. So please promote PXC to friends and all others. Please direct them to the “Contact Us” tab in our website, for them to enter their details, making sure that they click on the “Save/ Update Subscription Changes”.

With thanks to Mike Edmondson, our resident photographer, for the great images

What's Happening at the Perisher XC Centre, Winter 2018?

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From the end of June there is a variety of different events being held mostly on weekends, typically 2 events per weekend. In the first full week of August things hot up with a total of 13 events in 9 days, which take place as part of XC Ski Week. More about XC Ski Week later.

The different types of events consist of –

  • Learn to ski opportunities
  • XC Ski Week
  • Novelty events - short fun races, coffee tours, social events
  • Tour citizen races – (go at your own pace)
  • State & National races – (for the competitive skier)
  • Interschools -

For further descriptions about the different types of events (Click Here). To find out how to enter and see all the events for the winter (Click Here) .

Our XC Team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

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Whilst now 4 months since the winter Olympics, it is worth reliving a few of the moments and to celebrate just how well our team performed in PyeongChang.

These Olympics we had 6 competitors which is a record for any Australian XC team at an Olympics and 2 more than the Sochi games in 2014. The team members were: Barbara Jezersek (NSW), Callum Watson (NSW), Aimee Watson (NSW), Philip Bellingham (VIC), Jessica Yeaton (WA) & Casey Wright (VIC). AUSXC Head Coach Valerio Leccardi led the XC contingent to PyeongChang, with a dedicated support team of Randy Gibbs (head wax tech), Gus Kaeding (wax tech), Paul Moore (wax tech), and Finn Marsland (coach/tech). Callum and Barbara would be the most familiar to those skiing at Perisher in recent years, with Aimee also a home-grown Perisher skier.

To get a more comprehensive run down of our team's! winter Olympics, (Click Here)


To finish off, because XC Skiing is not a front-line sport in Australia, fundraising is a very important part of the business plan to be able to support our skiers, not only at the Olympics but with all the competitions and training that needs to take place prior to the Olympics or the Olympic year.

Finn Marsland has kindly supplied me with the attached (Click Here) which detailed the “XC Towards 2018” campaign. This document also shows of some of the great results that the team has achieved along the way. Fundraising will be starting again, building towards the 2022 Olympics. Along the way, please give a little to help us achieve bigger and better things. Keep in mind that a significant fundraising event during XC Ski Week is the Sundeck Cup. Please come along, line up, ski the course and have some fun with all proceeds going towards supporting our top skiers.     

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