What's Happening at the Perisher XC Centre, Winter 2018

From the end of June there is a variety of different events being held mostly on weekends, typically 2 events per weekend. In the first full week of August things hot up with a total of 13 events in 9 days which take place as part of XC Ski Week. More about XC Ski Week later.

Learn to Ski Opportunities

Learn to Ski Events which are sponsored by PXC, Snowsports ACT & NSW Snowsports are as follows;

  • Come & Try – 7th of July – To find out more (Click Here)
  • Come & Try – 14th of July – To find out more (Click Here)
  • ACT Ski de Femme – 8th of July – To find out more (Click Here)
  • Fast and Female – 4th of August – To find out more (Click Here)
  • Come & Try Thursdays – (see below)

Come & Try Thursdays are for those who are either members, guests or staff and are staying at a lodge or club, be it commercial or private. This initiative is supported by PXC, KAC, SLOPES and Wilderness Sports. Lessons and ski hire (if required) is provided at a subsidised rate every Thursday throughout the season. To get a PDF version of the poster below (Click Here)


Other ways to learn to ski is by getting lessons from either K7 Adventures or Wilderness Sports. For your link to Links Galore, (Click Here).

XC Ski Week

To see all the events at XC Ski Week, (Click here).

Below is description of 2 of the 13 events which will be held this year at XC Ski Week.

KAC Classic

An oldy but a goody, shot of the start of the KAC Classic, taken by Steve Cuff year ???

This week is a part of skiing history within Perisher Valley, with a similar format being in place for nearly 50 years. The Jewel in the crown is Wednesday’s KAC Classic. It is a great achievement for many to ski the distance from Perisher to Charlottes Pass. You have the choice of either skating or classical. After the event you can enjoy all the fun of the presentations at the Charlottes Pass Hotel. For the return journey, for those who don’t take the oversnow, skiing back is typically assisted by a strong tail wind, blowing us back to Perisher.

Night Relays

The night relays have been held since 1988. It is a very short sprint by each member of a 4 person team. This year we are looking to change the rules to make this event even more fun and interesting.

After the relay presentations there is a fun raising dinner at the Nordic Shelter. To make it easier to get home after the dinner we are looking to get a special deal with Hans Oversnow. Still in the planning and more will be revealed later on.

At the end of the week, on Saturday afternoon we have a Presentation that covers all that has gone on during the week. This is great fun, where we give out lots of prizes to all who are there.

XC Ski Week, is one long celebration of enjoying your skiing, your health, others company and the experiences that can only be gained by strapping a pair of skinny skis to your feet. 

Novelty Events

There are other events during the season which don’t involve racing e.g. testing your fitness and skiing ability against others or yourself. There are events mainly occur during XC SKI WEEK. Weather permitting there is the Mystery Coffee Tours which take place on the Tuesday and Friday during the week. Another event is drinks and fine finger food provided at Marritz for the Perisher Historical Society/ PXC social event from 4 am on the Tuesday.

Snowy Mountains Nordic (our local ski club) have their family day on the 1st of September.

During XC Ski Week there are novelty races with these being the Night Relays and the Sundeck Cup, which is a fun raising handicap event. More about these under the heading of XC Ski Week.

Tour (Citizen) Races

A wonderful way to test your fitness and skiing skills against others and yourself, with it totally being OK to be at the rear end of the field. Not much room up the front, plenty of room at the back.

There are 7 tour races scattered throughout the season, the main events being as follows;

  • KAC Classic, 8th of August, the jewel of XC Ski Week with 46 years of history to uphold. This event gives you the choice of classical skiing or skating with the presentation help within the Charlotte Pass pub. Known for being held in character building weather but occasionally being held in perfect weather. 8.5 km Perisher to Charlotte Pass.


  • Snowy Mountain Classic, 11th of August, held on the last day of XC Ski Week with a choice of distances from 2.5 km to 30 km. Typically held on a great course that ventures off the standard trails. This event has had more than its fair share of good weather and is a fitting ending to a great week.


  • Canberra X-C Ski Club Kosciusko Tour, 18th of August (18 Km). Now you can skate or classical ski. Typically set on touring trails which often include Porcupine and Mt Wheatly. No problem in bringing a cut lunch and just skiing the trail.


  • Other Tours races include Cooma Open and Boonoona Open (both at the start of XC Ski Week), Cooma Clean Out The Cobwebs, Cooma Clean Out the Waxbox and a new event, the PXC Cup, all events being basically a test of your fitness and skiing skills.


PXC Cup (21st of July) is a new event for citizen skiers which is held between the first two Cooma sponsored 5Km racers (early July) and XC Ski Week (early August). This will be a 10 km (or less) skate.

 State & National Championships

This year the following races will be held up at the Perisher XC Centre.

  • NSW Junior Sprints (Freestyle)
  • NSW Senior Sprint (Classical)
  • ACT Senior Distance (Freestyle)
  • Aust Open Sprint (Classical)
  • Aust Open Distance (Freestyle)
  • Aust Junior Sprint (Freestyle)
  • Aust Junior Distance (Classical)

These are all held in the month of July. So if you want to see some great skiing, come and check it out. You might even see an Olympian or two. We are always looking for people to help run the events too, if interested, just email PXC from email icon at the bottom of this newsletter.


This year the NSW Interschool races are being held on the 22nd of August. At these events there is close to 500 competitors, teachers and parents involved over a period of 3 days or more, making things very chaotic at the Nordic Shelter.