Perisher XC - Grooming Report
Mon, Oct 9th, 2017 6:00 am

This is the final report for 2017.  The Nordic Shelter is now closed.  A big thank you to everyone who lent a helping hand over winter - many hands really do make light work.  

There is still plenty of skiing yet to be had, albeit not around the immediate surrounds of the Nordic Shelter.  Click on the link below to check out the back country conditions.

Have a fabulous summer.

Geraldine at the Nordic Shelter.

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Current Conditions at the Nordic Shelter:

Current Temperature: (c) 7.4
Overnight Low: (c) 7
Visibility: Good
Wind: Moderate
Cloud Cover: 8/8
Weather: It’s raining and the wind is gusting. Stay indoors.
Snow Cover: Rain affected, but still large quantities of it for touring.

Trail grooming Report:

XC Centre/access: Not groomed
Sprint Loop: Not groomed
Valley Trail: Not groomed
Ted's Link: Not groomed
Ross's Link: Not groomed
Carl's Link: Not groomed
2.5 Km loop: Not groomed
Coaches Link: Not groomed
3.5 Km: Not groomed
5 Km loop: Not groomed
7.5 Km loop: Not groomed, but still skiable
10 Km loop: Not groomed
Porcupine Link to Rock Creek: Not groomed
Porcupine Trail: Not groomed
Paddy's Link: Not groomed.
Other Grooming: Grooming of the trails has ceased for 2017, but there is still plenty of snow for touring and backcountry skiing - not that the current weather is conducive to wanting to be outdoors.

For information about what is happening XC-wise head to