Cross country (XC) skiing can be the ultimate way to gain peak fitness and enjoy the adrenalin of pushing hard up the hills, skiing fast on the flats and pushing personal limits on the downhills. To others it is a peaceful way to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape, exercising with low impact to the body and the environment.

XC is a versatile sport that appeals to everyone from young families, to those in their senior years, to the super fit aspiring to the Olympics. This sport provides as much, or as little, challenge as you would like. To find out more about XC skiing and the opportunities available, click on the DiscoverXC image below

XC skiing is either done on groomed trails or ungroomed snow. "Groomed" means that a snow groomer similar to the machines used on the downhill slopes is used to pack and shape the trail. "Ungroomed" means just that - no mechanical packing of the snow has taken place and the first tracks just might be yours.

XC Skiing is great whether you are on groomed trails or skiing further afield. Ski touring and backcountry skiing are ideal ways to get out in the wilderness (even if it is just over the hill from the parking lot or your lodge). 

The appeal to many is the lack of queues, the ability to get away from it all and, increasingly, affordability - no trail fees. The Perisher Cross Country Centre is also ideally situated as it is within close walking distance from  fresh coffee, fine food, and great shops just across the road within the Perisher Village.

The cross country community is a diverse, friendly and down to earth group of people who appreciate opportunities to get out there, expending energy to reap the rewards of enjoying the views, the natural high plains environment and the extraordinary feeling of skiing well - going as fast and as far as you like.

Please click on the following links to find information and view videos displaying the two different styles used in XC skiing


The video below briefly outlines the differences between classic skis and skate skis.