All other links and touring trails are marked with orange markers. Depending on the time of the year and snow conditions the following touring trails may be groomed. Please check the grooming report link, to see the latest.

Paddy Link  Porcupine Link (from 7.5 km Trail to Porcupine Trail)Porcupine Trail (Rock Creek/ Porcupine Link to Mt Wheatley Trail)Rock Creek (Rock Creek to Porcupine Trail)Mt Wheatley Trail (Porcupine Trail to Perisher Gap) 

The following trails have snow poles and orange markers but are not groomed. All non-groomed touring trails require the skier to be properly prepared for ski travel on the high plains.

You need to have a minimum skiing proficiency of an intermediate skier.

* Possum Loop - 3.0 Km

A newly marked trail which starts and finishes from the same location of the 7.5 km Trail.

A lovely trail which is close to home. 

* Thompson's Plain – 8Km

This trail can only be skied with good snow cover. To avoid a return trip, it works well to organize a pickup at Dainer's Gap. Thompson's Plain is accessed via the back of the 10km trail.

 * To Charlotte's Pass Chalet, (by 2 routes) either via Porcupine Trail or the Perisher - Charlotte's Pass Road (coffee at Eyre Lift Café)

A great skate early in the day when the road has been groomed and a fine lunch destination. (Links to Chalet and Stillwell)