Club Competition During 2018 XC Ski Week - $1000 First Prize

PXC and the Sundeck Hotel have joined forces with to create a great prize to further entice all mountain-based clubs of Perisher, Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Charlotte Pass to participate often and in numbers during 2018 XC Ski Week.

The first KAC Classic in 1971 where many of the clubs of today were well represented then. 

The Club Competition is based purely on participation with a simple formula being applied, e.g. take part and support your club (lodge-based in the Perisher, Smiggins, Guthega or Charlotte Pass). All you have to be is either a paid member of the club/lodge or a guest of a club/lodge. So as a paid member you don't have to be staying at your lodge for your number to count. Each time either a member of a club or a guest of a club takes part in one of the many events during XC Ski Week you will earn your club one point towards the Grand Prize. If one member/guest goes in 6 events, they have earned their club 6 points - simplesssss!

After kicking around a number of ideas about what sort of prize a club could get interested or maybe even excited about, we thought it needs to be a prize that as many as possible members or guests could enjoy together. Hopefully the answer is $1000 down on the tab at the Sundeck Hotel for food and drinks, as that is what the prize is.

The Competition will be run over the full 11 events starting from the Fast & Female event on the 4th of August through to the Snowy Mountains Classic on the 11th, just before the "End of XC Ski Week Presentations" where the winner will be announced. 2nd and 3rd prizes will be great as well.

In addition to the cash prize there will be a fantastic perpetual trophy that will be given to the winning club to display for the year before returning it during the next XC Ski Week. Thanks go to Barney (Alan Davis) for saving and sharing this relic of the past. You will have to wait and see what it is on the day.

There will be rules which PXC reserves the right but not the obligation (legal talk) to change, reverse, revise, make better, take back or dismiss as they (PXC) see fit to level the playing field and to make each year's competition an interesting one. At the moment, the rules are as follows;

* Each event per person = 1 point

* Has to be a member of a mountain based club, but can also be a guest of a club, staying at that club at least the night before the event.

* Those found to be ring-ins, e.g. being counted as a point but not a legitimate member or guest deducts 5 points for the club. Dobbing is encouraged.

* Rules can be added, changed or subtracted up until the start of XC Ski Week.

Note: If you want to make things easy for you and the organisers, go to the XC Ski Week Calendar and enter the events on-line. Check out each event that has on-line entering capabilities and click further. During the on-line process there is a spot to put in your club name.  

Note: This on-line facility is new and requires you to get an Snow ID. This is at no cost. Click here if you would like to register for an Snow ID or find your Snow ID from last year or renew.

Note: At any of the 11 events make sure the organisers have recorded whether you  are a member of a club or a staying guest of a club and of course which club that is - very important.

That's enough rules for one night.

Cheers PXC