Winter is well and truly behind us. And in spite of everything, it was an eminently skiable winter!

COVID was the big news, then there was the delayed arrival of snow, cancellation of all XC events and most activities and closure of the Nordic Shelter for everything but toilets.

In June, no one would have put money on still having a functioning ski resort on the Long Weekend in October. The Perisher XC Centre, Perisher Resort, NPWS and the clubs and businesses that elected to open for the winter all made it through with no COVID events. Everyone was dealing with the complete unknown as best they could and, somehow, made it work. We hope that we never have to use all of this gained knowledge experience again……

Many thanks to NPWS, Luke the Groomer, Geraldine and Arnold at the Nordic Shelter, Hans Oversnow, Snow Australia, NSW Department of Health, Jeff Standen and his trusty COVID testers, SLOPES, the Kangaroo Hoppet and many volunteers. And extra thanks to the skiers who rolled with the punches and accepted the changed conditions with enthusiasm and humour. There were lots of new faces, people taking the opportunity to try something different. Many of the old faces were there, but not at the usual times as they found they had new, unaccustomed flexibility to ski when they felt like it, not when work demanded. Many of the regulars were missing, of course, but stayed in touch via the excellent daily grooming reports (thank you Geraldine and Arnold).



There is work to do, starting with retrieving the water mitigation equipment (otherwise known as half-pipes and pallets) and other work around the Shelter. Accommodation for this work party will be at CAC in Perisher.


·      Please contact Peter Ward ( if you plan to attend. Bring food/drink, sturdy work shoes, work gloves and clothing for any weather. Also fly repellent, fly veil, etc.

·      If you require accommodation at Canberra Alpine Club (thank you CAC!), please contact Peter Cunningham (note his new retirement email address -

·      Bring bedding, towels and food/drink. CAC generously donates accommodation to PXC Work Partiers. It all makes for a constructive, social weekend.


Please make note of the planned 2021 XC Work party dates:

14-15 November

6-7 February

13-14 March

10-11 April

1-2 May

5-6 June



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* Snow Australia Webinars – various topics relevant to many aspects of community information and snowsports activities.  The current series of webinars is being uploaded as they occur. The most recent topic covers Child Protection and will be uploaded shortly.