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The COVID-19 version of Australia's premier XC ski race.

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Events Statement - Snow Australia XC


Further to the statement on events released by the Snow Australia Cross Country Committee on 24 June, the Snow Australia Cross Country Committee has determined that no official State and National Championships will be held this 2020 Australian winter.

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Resort asking for all guests to now wear masks


From Monday 27 July all Perisher guests and employees will be required to wear a face covering while on Perisher premises in order to improve safety for employees, guests and mountain communities.

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Good News – and Event News……


It has snowed! A lot! Luke the Groomer packed the new snow as it fell and is out there again tonight. After such an incredibly slow start, maybe winter is really doing it now.

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In this strange COVID-ised winter, the XC community was preparing to miss out on a number of the usual comforts at the Nordic Shelter. Amazingly, there is one that you will not have to forego - Pip's Famous Fudge!

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The Nordic Shelter is Open – A Little Bit


The Nordic Shelter is Open – A Little Bit……………
When you come to the Perisher XC Centre this winter, be prepared to be completely self-sufficient – bring prepared picnics, water, waterproof mats for setting your things and yourself on, everything you need for a ski day without the use of the Nordic Shelter.  However, there will be that most essential of services available - toilets!!!

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KNP FAQs from NPWS - Your questions answered.


Winter 2020 in KNP has been a big question mark to most of us. Some things are coming clear. This attachment and link might clear up some of the uncertainties for you.

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June 15 Update - Grooming reports - NPWS Intention Form and more


Perisher Nordic Shelter caretaker Geraldine has posted the first report of 2020 it can be found at via this link

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Winter 2020 - latest news from Peter Ward - NSWACT XC


You will have been looking for and receiving a number of messages from the Resorts, Interschools, Snow Australia, NPWS and others. These recent communications have started to give us an idea of what the winter ahead will look like. There are still a lot of information gaps to fill, but we are getting there. 

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Summer 2020 – Words are inadequate!! and COVID 19 Update


So, a summer of lurching from the Apocalypse to Armageddon!

After a horrible summer of bushfires, the work party in early March, attended by a large number of XC enthusiasts, was productive and cheerful. Work on the trails, landscaping and essential maintenance in the Nordic Shelter was carried out with many more projects planned. We even learned the value of sterilising our boots to prevent infecting our beautiful Park with imported diseases – the irony of it all!

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