The Perisher XC Centre Trails and Conditions Report
Fri, Jul 19th, 2024 6:00 am

Is it a fire ? Is it a sunset? The camera was facing East yesterday, so it was just another spectacular sunrise over the Cross country ski trails, emphasizing the benefit of snow fences allowing the snow to accumulate for our skiing pleasure. Today is a very different story with strong winds from the West and light snow.

The best news overnight is that Iggy was out for hours grooming the Valley trail, 2.5, 3.5 and some of the 5km trails. He also packed the 7.5km.  It is lightly snowing, providing a fresh cover over what was a very firm base, although it remains to be seen what the wind will create in terms of snowdrifts.

Another special request. NPWS have waste recovery systems with environmental considerations. We have receptacles to help with this.

The red containers are for landfill. The yellow containers are for recycling. The small white containers are for all food scraps for composting. We also support a young athlete who has a container for all 10c returns eg poppers, cans and most glass and plastic bottles. Please sort your waste thoughtfully.

John at the Nordic Shelter.


Perisher XC

Current Conditions at the Nordic Shelter:

Current Temperature: (c) -4.3 Overnight Low: (c) -5.0
Visibility: fair / good Wind: moderate / strong 39-59kph W. Forecast is for wind strength to increase.
Cloud Cover: 5/8 Weather: BOM: Cloudy. Very high chance of snow showers, most likely in the late afternoon and evening. Damaging winds possible. Winds northwesterly 65 to 95 km/h.
Snow Cover: Accumulating light snow over a firm base.

Trail Grooming Report:

XC Centre/access: The access from the road opposite the NPWS office has been groomed Please ski up to the Nordic shelter if you are able. Walkers please stay to the right of the trail close to the fence (with the fence on your right) Use the same route on your return.
Sprint Loop: groomed
Valley Trail: groomed
Ted's Link:
Ross's Link:
Carl's Link:
2.5 Km loop: Groomed
Coaches Link: groomed
3.5 Km: Groomed
5 Km loop: Part groomed. The downhill return awaits more snow.
Kore's Corner:
7.5 Km loop: Packed
10 Km loop:
Porcupine Link to Rock Creek:
Porcupine Trail:
Paddy's Link:
Other Grooming: We acquired a new track setter to compliment the grooming work.


Saturday 20th. ACT sprints competition for all the athletes in training and others who wish to compete as well. Entries online. 

Sunday 21st. NSW Distance competition. Athletes and others who want to experience formal racing conditions. Entries online.

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