29 September 2017

Reports continue to be few and far between, but…

As of Tuesday:

- Most of the flat areas around Spencers Creek still have a couple foot of depth and about 50% of the creeks were still bridged with snow
- Most of the pole line between Perisher and Charlotte Pass via Porcupine was skiable, although the windswept saddles are now mostly bare, requiring either a couple hundred metres of walking in some places, or the option to try to sneak around the eastern side of them
- Most of the Kosi road Perisher – Charlottes is good, thin for just a short section near Guthrie Creek
- All of the main Perisher xc trails have a complete cover (except for perhaps the 10km loop). Some of the creek lines are slumping though
- A heap of snow up Rock Creek to Wheatley Gap and over down into Betts Ck
- All views to the Main Range looked like an amazing cover
- Snow cover from Dead Horse Gap, north of the Alpine Way up onto  South Ramshead is holding up well with still skis on from the road.
- South of Dead Horse Gap and the Alpine Way,  the lower slopes and valley floor of Thredbo River and Big Boggy has melted out. Cascade trail has essentially melted out between  Alpine Way trailhead and through to Thredbo River crossing and third way up Bobs Ridge. Is possible after about 500m walking from the Gap to  either Ski Bobs Ridge itself or from Cascade trailhead up towards Brindle Bull Hill amongst the trees on eastern side of the Thredbo River, but scrubby and hard going.

A couple of cold nights since, and forecast for the next week or so, will hopefully maintain conditions for a little while yet.

As always – if heading into the backcountry: plan your trip, tell someone your plans and leave a date for when to raise the alarm; be aware of the weather; know your limits; and, take appropriate equipment and sufficient supplies. Conditions in the mountains do change quickly


Luke McLachlan

Ranger – Snowy River Area
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For closer to home XC reports please see:  http://www.perisherxcountry.org/