Perisher X- Country supports clubs and associations that support XC skiing in the Snowy Mountains. Three non-lodge based organisations provide training and activities in the Perisher area and beyond:


NSWACT XC is the local XC discipline committee of Snow Australia (the national sport body for snowsports). The Committee is based in Perisher and runs comprehensive, year-round XC training programs for young XC skiers who are keen to improve their skills and participate in activities and competition. NSWACT XC is part of the Snow Australia pathways from local participation through international competition. Information about NSWACT XC traiing activities can be found at NSWACT XC Team App

NSWACT XC also organises events and activities at the Perisher XC Centre for skiers of all levels and abilities throughout winter. See calendars and event information under EVENTS in this website.

The NORDIC SHELTER is managed and maintained by the volunteers of NSWACT XC for the use of all XC skiers. Information about the Nordic Shelter can be found in other areas of this website.

Snowy Mountains Nordic

Snowy Mountains Nordic (SMN) is a subsidiary of NSWACT XC. They are a locally based (Jindabyne) cross country ski group that welcomes Snowy Mountains' residents of all ages, skill levels and abilities. Their aim is to encourage a fun and social environment for both families and individuals, including a development program for local juniors wishing to improve their cross country skiing.. 

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Canberra Cross Country Ski Club

Canberra Cross Country Ski Club (CCCSC), is very active in promoting XC in the Snowy Mountains. The members have vast experience in skiing all over the Snowy Mountains. Their core interest is helping people experience the many and varied snow covered corners of the Kosciuszko National Park. This can take the form of snow camping or day trips. The Club also runs instruction days which are normally centred around the Perisher XC Centre, helping people gain their ski legs on the groomed trails. They have monthly get-togethers in Canberra with guest speakers and information sessions.

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NSW Nordic Ski Club

Experience the adventure of skiing in the backcountry, exploring beyond the ski resorts, breaking new tracks through snowgums and carving turns in fresh snow. Enjoy the beauty of the Australian snow country. 

Activities include cross country touring, telemark skiing, alpine touring and track skiing. Members interests are diverse. Some like leisurely day trips 'bushwalking on snow' while others look for steep slopes to carve turns on untracked snow. Some will base themselves in a lodge; others may camp out on snow overnight or do extended back country treks.

However it is done, skiing the backcountry is central to the club's philosophy.

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