The Perisher Cross Country (PXC) Centre is located in Perisher Valley. The PXC Centre consists of the Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter and the cross country groomed and un-groomed ski trail network. The trail-head is located next to the Nordic Shelter.


  • A choice of ski areas. The extensive, well developed and popular Perisher trails or the smaller, quieter but no less picturesque Smiggin Holes loops. 
  • Up to 50 kilometres of trails that are groomed for skate and classic skiing (at least 20km on any given day depending on weather and snow conditions) and about 30 kilometres of touring ski trails. 50% of the trails are classified beginner to intermediate.
  • Elevation of groomed trails range from 1738m to 1840m
  • A variety of terrain ranging from the gentle valley trails to those that are hilly but not steep. All ski trails are on natural rolling terrain as opposed to fire trails or formed roads
  • A modern, warm and well-appointed public day centre to provide shelter and other facilities for all users of the cross country area. Click here for more information about the Nordic Shelter
  • A welcome separation from the busy downhill ski areas but within easy access of the Ski Tube, medical and shopping facilities (Perisher Village Map).
  • Access to on snow ski hire and instruction. (link to Links Galore)
  • An eclectic range of events throughout the winter season (racing, citizen and for-fun) which cater for kids/adults, recreational/competition skiers.
  • Cross Country Ski Week which is held in the first full week in August, (see XC Ski Week page for details) which includes events like the highly popular Night Relays and the KAC race from Perisher Valley to Charlotte's Pass (7 events (maybe more) in 8 days.
  • 2 Internationally recognised FIS races a year (sprint and distance), National and State Championship events.

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