From Summer to Winter 2021

The Perisher cross country skiing community has been working overtime this summer to prepare the Perisher XC Centre for a winter that will be very different from 2020. Look for the Centre on the left side of the Kosciuszko Road as you drive into Perisher. It is easy to spot, the skiers are all doing it self-powered.

Most importantly, it is planned that Nordic Shelter will be open for the coming winter once there is skiable snow. A few COVID restrictions are necessary, but there will be access to the public areas of the Shelter. Summer Work Parties have focussed on maintenance and some upgrades. New identifying signage has been installed on the building, courtesy of a grant gratefully received from Boonoona Ski Club. A solar panel system has been installed along with additional roof insulation. The Shelter depends on donations from users and fundraising for its existence. A new method of accepting donations from people who don’t carry cash anymore, will be in operation – a Quest Tap Donations device.


Outside, there has been a lot of work done that will be hidden by snow but improve our skiing opportunities – landscaping, trail maintenance and water course control (“half pipes” have a different meaning to XC, they are actually half pipes to help with drainage). The first stage of a long-term project to manage wet areas has seen the installation of specially designed modular bridges in the area in front of the Shelter.


A full winter of XC events and activities is planned, all COVIDised of course, but running. The PXC website ( has a calendar of events and links to many event entry forms.

Other exciting XC news is the arrival of the new, fulltime NSWACT XC Head Coach, Alexei Sotskov. He has been employed by Snow Australia to run the NSWACT XC athlete programs and to assist with the National AUS XC programs. He has been training the athletes remotely throughout these COVID times and there is great excitement to have him here in person.


You can keep up with PXC News, check the Wild Cams and receive daily Grooming Reports (from the Long Weekend) by registering on this PXC website, the Contact Us page.

Everything is in place for a winter full of XC fun and events. The PXC volunteers look forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces at the Perisher XC Centre.