From Monday 27 July all Perisher guests and employees will be required to wear a face covering while on Perisher premises in order to improve safety for employees, guests and mountain communities.

Wearing a face covering is required by all guests and employees on Perisher premises including at The Station, including but not limited to: arriving and departing the resort in car parking facilities, while using lifts, on Skitube and shuttle buses, in public places, and while skiing and snowboarding. Guests will be kindly requested to supply their own face covering.

A face covering appropriate for the alpine environment may include a neck buff, scarf, balaclava or disposable or reusable face mask that should fit closely around the mouth and nose and allow for breathing without restriction.

What does this mean for the XC Community? You will require a face covering from the moment you exit your vehicle in the Perisher carpark (or Bullocks Flat carpark if catching the Skitube) until such time as you cross the road to the XC trails. Follow this link for all the details:Perisher Covid-19 Update

I trust the XC community will support the Resort’s initiative.

Geraldine at the Nordic Shelter.