Perisher Modular Steel Bridges Project - Weekends of 22nd/ 23rd, 29th/ 30th of May & 5th/6th of June ----- Help Needed.

Over the last two years PXC has been working with NPWS to support a NSW Biathlon project to “weatherproof” the Sprint Loop snow cover (in front of the Nordic Shelter) during snow melt episodes by installing modular steel bridges over boggy and wet areas.

NPWS granted approval for the project in March 2021 and we are now at the construction stage with work commencing on Monday 17th May. Because we are racing the upcoming winter we will be working both mid-week and at weekends. We are looking for volunteers to help over the next month with planned work parties on the weekends of 22/23 and 29/30 May plus the previously scheduled weekend of 5/6 June. We will be working mid-week starting from 17-21. Other mid-week work periods will be dependent upon the project’s progress and the weather.

If you can help please contact Peter Cunningham ( or mobile 0477 356 835. Accommodation is available at Canberra Alpine Club at Perisher.

General (Summer Grooming) Work Party Report - Previous and Upcoming

Previous held, 1st-2nd of May

Thanks to a great response from the skiing community, this Work Party had the most volunteers for several years. A lot of work was completed on the Porcupine Link, Porcupine Trail and Wheatley Link trails including installation of the remaining needed Sighter Poles.

Work completed around the Shelter included preparation for a major project - the installation of a solar panel system. The Nordic Shelter volunteers are very hopeful that this project will contribute to reduced electrical bills year-round. External plumbing repairs and internal carpentry, painting and cleaning jobs were also crossed of the “to-do” list.

As part of the Sprint Loop/Steel Bridges Project, a 50 metre snow fence was taken apart and relocated presenting plenty of challenges, especially when some rocky areas were found. Some of this work is still to be completed. The “destruction” crew included Peter Birch, Brad Greentree, Greg Glanville, Greg Wright, Arnold d’Bras, Jenny Kent

Thanks also to, Nick Hutton, Robert Eddy, Stephen Poole, Andrew Stanger, Catherine Green, Alan Laird, Peter Ward, Leslie Ludwig, Rick Alexander, Kylie Birch, Daemon Birch, Jim Spiers, Virpi Komulainen, Frank Bakker, Michiko Bakker, Arnold D’Bras,. Friedl Bartsch’s team working on the biathlon targets included Alina McMaster, Archie and Jackson Landon-Smith, Jane Scheer, Mark Elliott, Steve Patterson. Forgive me if anyone is missing from these lists.

I was there to help get things organized on Saturday, but later in the day had to leave unexpectedly. I believe all had a great social time after work on the Saturday at Canberra Alpine Club’s Perishers Lodge. Many thanks to CAC and Peter Cunningham.

UPCOMING - Work Party to be held 5th- 6th of June

This is the last pre-season Work Party– time for the finishing touches that prepare both the Nordic Shelter and the XC ski trails for winter skiing. The main job out on the trails will be to put down the drainage half-pipes and covers. As there are many drainage pipes to be placed, all help is greatly appreciated.

If you are available, please RSVP by emailing Peter Ward at Even if you can only make one day, this would be of great help. Bring sturdy work clothes, gloves and boots suitable for any weather. Also bring food, drink and snacks, and also your own plates, cutlery and cups.

If you require accommodation for either or both Friday & Saturday night at Perisher, this is available gratis, thanks to Canberra Alpine Club (CAC). Please contact Peter Cunningham at to book a bed. Bring bed linen, towels and food/drink for self-catering.

As usual, after a busy day doing stuff, it is great to relax and socialize back at CAC with drinks and dinner.

Awareness of COVID considerations will be important both at the Shelter and at CAC. The rules will be explained – everyone knows the drill by now. As always, if you have been in a designated “Hot Spot” or have had close or casual contact with someone who has/may have COVID, do not attend – but we would love to see you next time!

JINDABYNE SNOW SALE - June 12-13 at the Memorial Hall

The traditional Long Weekend Ski Sale is rebranded and bigger than ever! It is a great opportunity to buy and/or sell new and pre-loved snow sports equipment. See the attached flyer for information and contacts. Volunteers are welcome at this important fundraiser – if you can help or have queries contact

Cheers Wayne Pethybridge