On-Line Event Entries - Live !!

Event entries for 2019 Winter at the Perisher XC Center are being finalised and gradually going live. You can find these on the PXC website:

     - Local 2019 Calendar - https://www.perisherxcountry.org/events/local/

     - XC Week Calendar - https://www.perisherxcountry.org/events/xc-week/

Please plan ahead and enter on-line by the closing dates. Event organisers love participants who enter ahead of time, it makes their jobs so much easier on the day. If you must enter on the day, be there early and register. There will be strict cut-off times this winter to reduce stress on the people timing the events.

For the first time in Perisher the two National XC Championships on August 17 and 18 WILL NOT take late entries !!  Get your entries in by the published closing dates or be happy to come to Perisher on these special event days and help with the events or just enjoy the spectacles.