Let The Games Begin - Winter 2021

Nordic Shelter Covid-19 Precautions -

2021 – COVID WINTER V2.0.  XC community access to the Nordic Shelter will depend on NSW Department of Health advice, the availability of volunteers and the COVID-19 operational guidelines as agreed with Snow Australia. The three stages that the Nordic Shelter could be operating under this winter, are either 1) the Nordic Shelter is closed, 2) open but only to use the toilets (like last winter) or 3) controlled access. The Nordic Shelter Committee may change the level of assess to the Nordic Shelter at short notice depending on changes to NSW Department of Health orders. Changes in the level of access will be reported in the daily Perisher X-C Centre Trails and Condition Report – subscribe here.

When we can safely provide stage 3 controlled access, volunteers will be required to act as COVID officers to ensure that Nordic Shelter users are complying with requirements - resort premises are being checked for compliance. Several officers will be required on any given day to share around the work. If you can assist with this, please email info@perisherxcountry.org 

Following is the current advice being given about access to the Nordic Shelter:


At the moment, the Nordic Shelter access is limited to the toilets due to current COVID-19 orders. Whatever the level of permitted access is, the NSW Health COVID Liaison Officer has made it very clear that the priority for all Shelter users, even if limited to using the toilets, is to Check-In via the SERVICE NSW QR Code displayed at the Shelter. Make sure that you have the SERVICE NSW Check-In App on your phone and CHECK IN EVERY TIME!  It is a condition of entry.

Along with QR Code Check-In, other conditions of entry are:

·      You MUST wear a mask inside the building.

·      You may not enter if you have been to a declared Hot Spot in the last 14 days. If you are not sure, check here - https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates

·      You may not enter if you have been in casual or close contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days or who is awaiting test results.

·      You may not enter if you are unwell or exhibiting COVID-like symptoms.

·      You may not enter if you are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.

·      If you cannot comply with all of these conditions of entry, don’t enter the building.

These are a lot of rules to just use the toilets, but we are hopeful that things will improve and more access will be available soon. The attached document summarises the Snow Australia COVID-19 Operational Guidelines for the Nordic Shelter, once we are able to open up for greater access - COVID-19 Operational Guidelines Summary (23 June 2021)

A similar document for 2021 Events is being finalised (we are thinking positively.....) and the key pieces of information will be posted shortly.
If you have any questions or concerns about access to the Nordic Shelter, please get in touch – info@perisherxcountry.org

2021 XC Events

Events are being planned but will depend on COVID-19 restrictions at the times of events, and of course, the availability of snow. Online entry information can be found on the PXC Events page. What actually happens to scheduled events, closer to the day, will be listed on the daily Perisher X-C Centre Trails and Condition Report, subscribe here

A successful Paddy Pallin Juniors (see the report below) was held on 26 June and started the event season – already more events have been held in 2021 than were held in 2020! And then the two events scheduled for the following weekend were cancelled due to the developing COVID-19 situation. That imay be the pattern of the winter. For events that are held, there will be changes to how they are run - more events will use on-line entries only and presentations will be outside, rather than inside the Shelter due to occupancy restrictions within the Nordic Shelter and other locations. However the winter rolls out, we hope that it will be a lot better than last year where there were no events held at all.

Summer/Pre-Winter Grooming Report

Many thanks to the hardy volunteers at the last Work Party, 5th and 6th of June, for all your efforts. Again, a huge amount of work was completed to get everything ready for the winter. All the half-pipes and draining covers were put down, the new Modular Steel Bridges (to help reduce wet areas) have been placed in the sprint loop, the last trail sighter poles were placed, more brush cutting occurred, the Nordic Shelter prepared for winter use and numerous other smaller projects finished. The work on the Modular Steel Bridges by a small band of skilled workers was actually spread out over most weekends in May. Work on the new Solar Panel system was completed with the two Peters, Ward and Cunningham, assisted by Arnold D'Bras, designing completing the finishing touches just before the snow arrived.

Overall the Summer grooming season was a great success. The most pleasing aspect was that over the six Work Parties a good number of new people got involved - it was great the see.   

     Bridge Builders - Peter Cunningham and Peter Ward

A huge thanks must go to Peter Cunningham and the Canberra Alpine Club for providing the volunteers a place to stay, whether it was at Jindabyne or Perisher lodge. This guaranteed that come late Saturday afternoon/ evening there was plenty of opportunity have a social time with good company, a few drinks and good food.  

XC Ski Week

XC Ski Week is back with Coffee Tours, races, big presentations and hopefully some good skiing in between as well. The overall XC Ski Week "Clubs Competition" is back with $1000 and the Bronze Ski going to the club which is most represented during the whole week. The $1000 prize is to be spent by the winning club at either the Sundeck or Tathra Hotel (complements of Cliff Wallis).

As usual the End of XC Ski Week Presentations will have many prizes to give away to only those who are present. In previous years, this  has included skis, boots, poles, flash accommodation and a huge amount of ski accessories. Typically, the total prize pool worth has been approximately $6000. Be 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions that might be in place during XC Ski Week, there will be some changes. More emphasis will be made on pre-entering events with presentations likely to be held at the Nordic Shelter. You can find the links to event entries and updates on the Local Events page on the PXC website.

Changes to the traditional formats of some events have already been planned. The 2021 Night Relays will be the called the Twilight Relays starting at 5 pm with the presentations to be held outside the Shelter soon after with hot drinks of varying descriptions supplied. The Sundeck Cup presentations and BBQ lunch are planned to be held at the Nordic Shelter.  No doubt there will be changes from the traditional running for other events too.

The daily Perisher X-C Centre Trails and Condition Report will be your most up-to-date source of information about what is actually happening. Subscribe on the Contact Us page of the PXC website

Our X-C Skiing Athletes 


NSW and ACT XC athletes are very fortunate to have Alexei Sotskov as their new coach. Click Here to get a run-down of Alexei’s involvement so far and with a little about his substantial background in coaching X-C skiing.

    Local skiers Rosie Fordham & Hugo Hinckfuss looking good, classical skiing.


Five cross country skiers represented Australia at the 2021 World Championship in Oberstdorf, Germany. The team was smaller than in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a number of athletes either not permitted or choosing not to travel.

Team announcement in February: https://www.snow.org.au/news/snow-australia-announces-2021-nordic-world-championships-team/

The most impressive Australian result at the championships was Phillip Bellingham and Seve de Camp's 17th place out of 25 teams in the Team Sprint. The duo finished 9th in their semi-final, less than 10 seconds from first, and with a faster time than the winner of the other semi-final.

Phil Bellingham also scored the best individual placing at the championship with 47th in the 50km Classic. An equally impressive result was 19-year-old Tuva Bygrave's 47th place in the 15km Skiathlon at her first ever championship. Tuva's father Lee Bygrave represented Australia at the 1989 World Championship in Lahti, Finland.

Kat Paul, Mark Pollock and Seve de Campo also had strong individual performances.

The team was supported in Oberstdorf by a conglomerate of European based coaches headed up by German Fabian Mauz, who has been supporting Australians at events on and off since 2010. Former NSW/ACT/Australian coach Alasdair Tutt (now coaching in Switzerland) was also part of the coaching team.

Thanks to Snow Australia and Finn Marsland for the above stories. 

Come & Try Days

Due to COVID-19 concerns the first Come & Try Day, to be held on 3 June, has been cancelled. We hope the first Come & Try starters are able to make it to the second one which is planned for the 10th of June. If you are interested in participating, go to the Events page on the PXC website, CLICK HERE . In the News area of Snow Australia, there is some more information about this event, CLICK HERE to find out more.   

Gremlins in the System

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