VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Assist with the next stage of opening the Shelter.

With the recent NSW COVID developments, the Nordic Shelter access level was reluctantly dropped from partially open (Level 3) to toilets-only (Level 2). To re-open to Level 2.5 (shelter but no kitchen conveniences) volunteers are needed as COVID Marshals.

The requirements for QR Code registrations, limited capacity and masks have now forced the monitoring of full compliance to the Conditions of Entry by everybody entering the Nordic Shelter.

The rules for Nordic Shelter access under Level 2.5 require:

·      QR code entry.

·      Correctly fitted masks must be worn inside the Nordic Shelter except when eating and drinking.

·      The mandatory 4 metre rule allows for 15 people in the South room and 19 people in the North room.

·      Time limits apply when there is greater demand for access.

·      Entry is not permitted for anyone with COVID-like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat).


A COVID Marshal at the front door is necessary to assist people with the QR registering, checking on masks and monitoring numbers.

Volunteering to be a COVID Marshal to help open up the Nordic Shelter will involve an hour or two of your time. A Doodle booking system has been set up so that you can indicate the times that you would like to be at the front door, in an attractive hi-vis vest, guiding people through their COVID responsibilities. Doodle instructions and a COVID Marshal job description are included below.

Do you want the Nordic Shelter open?  Then step up and do what so many other Aussies do so well. Volunteer to have the Shelter open for shelter, not just for toilets.

Volunteers are required at least until the end of July. The situation will then be reassessed.

Please make a commitment to not only help other recreational skiers but importantly to support our athletes with their training.


Thank you for your support,

Margaret Mahoney, Chair of Nordic Shelter Management Committee                                                   margmahoney68@gmail.com


Go to the Nordic Shelter Doodle at this link – https://doodle.com/poll/ndig2feyxu3bax68?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

Follow these instructions:

1. Save and click link

2. Enter you name

3. Tick your choice of available days and time slots.


5. To add or change entries: 

                        a. Choose “Back to Poll” or click the link again. 

                        b. Choose your name > click edit icon > update.

6. Sign up for a very social hour or several.


1.    Be present (at your Doodle time) at the front door of the Nordic Shelter to meet and greet, wearing a hi-vis COVID Marshal vest (supplied by the Nordic Shelter) and a face mask.

2.    Ensure users scan the QR code positioned outside the Nordic shelter entrance. Offer help if they need assistance.

3.    Request to see the green tick on their phone before users enter the Nordic Shelter.

4.    Ensure users of the Nordic Shelter are wearing a face mask prior to entering the Nordic Shelter.

5.    Monitor numbers within the Shelter to ensure compliance with the stated capacities.

6.    Avoid confrontations, communicate in an encouraging and educational way. You will be given the name and phone number of a committee member if you require assistance.