The Queen of Fudge (aka Pip Daley) is back in her kitchen fundraising for the Nordic Shelter.  10 slabs of fudge (buyers choice dark or caramel) will be on offer for purchase between now and the end of the school holidays at $300 per slab, plus $10 postage (if postage required - or collected during the holidays, not held over until a ski holiday occurs). Fudge is able to be frozen for future ski holidays this year or eaten immediately. The first 10 slabs will go to the quickest 10 to purchase. You don't have to ski fudge-less this winter.

The Sales Pitch (courtesy of Millie Greville): The unforgettable taste of your first fudge bar of the ski season! IT IS MIND-BLOWING! Can you remember the creamy, sweet taste of it, melting in your mouth? Oh, and the buttery goodness-one of the most important elements for an enjoyable day of skiing! Although COVID-19 may have changed many aspects of this ski season, we just couldn’t let your tastebuds experience a fudge-less year. So while the Earth continues turning, fudge can still be made and you can continue to support the Nordic Shelter through your generosity and through the appeasement of your tastebuds’ winter demands. So come on, put your money where your tastebuds want to be (in fudge heaven!) and keep our precious Nordic Shelter afloat this year. 

Email me if you are interested.  

Geraldine  (geraldinefblanch@gmail.com)

                                                    Pip & Millie - skiing  by moonlight.