Arctic Quest - Jindabyne Screening

World Record holding adventurer, Geoff Wilson and his son-in-law and up and comer, Simon Goodburn were the first Australian Team to tackle a crossing of the infamous ice-covered island of Greenland. The duo negotiated treacherous crevasse-riddled glaciers and bitter cold to complete the 2700 kilometre odyssey from the Southern tip of Greenland to the humble Inuit town of Qanaaq in the North.

Geoff and Simon attempted the voyage, unsupported – meaning they had to tow all of their supplies and belongings behind them in two expedition-pulk sleds weighing a sturdy 150 kilograms each. Furthermore, to maintain unsupported status, they didn't accept any external help – not even a warm drink.

Similarly to Geoff’s last journey (record-breaking “bob-sled” Antarctic crossing in 2013/14) the boys will be raising money and awareness in support of the McGrath Foundation.

In the spirit of adventure and healthy rivalry, Geoff and Simon were pursuing a number of records during their time in Greenland. Records included:

Achieve the First Australian team to make a successful South to North Crossing of Greenland. 

Secure the Fastest crossing of Greenland, South to North. (Record currently stands at 42 days. Held by E.McNair-Landry and S.Copeland, 2010.)

Break the record for the furthest distance travelled in a 24 hour period, by kite power. (Record currently 595 kilometres. Held by E.McNair-Landry and S.Copeland, 2010.)

To see if they broke the records come along to Jindabyne Brewing and watch their National Geographic documentary. It is on this coming Friday the 25th of August from 2.30 pm at Jindabyne Brewing at 5 Nettin Circuit.