2021 – February 6-7  XC Work Party – Perisher XC Trails

We are now well into 2021 and blessedly bush-fire free. COVID continues to colour our days, but it is currently sitting mostly in the background for most of us. So, we will dive into the summer XC Work party schedule, as previously published, and be prepared to be flexible if necessary. 

Pencil in these scheduled 2021 Summer XC Work Parties:

  • 6-7 February
  • 13-14 March
  • 10-11 April
  • 1-2 May
  • 5-6 June

The February Work Party will feature internal painting, external weeding and general maintenance in/around the Shelter. Marker poles, slashing and snowfence maintenance will take place on the trails.


Plan to attend, contacting Peter Ward at nswxc1@gmail.com. Bring sturdy work clothes, gloves and boots suitable for any weather. Be prepared for flies! We will have a BBQ lunch on Saturday. Otherwise, bring food, drink and snacks, and also your own plates, cutlery and cups.


If you require accommodation (gratis, thanks CAC!) at Canberra Alpine Club, please contact Peter Cunningham at peter.petercunningham@gmail.com. Bring bed linen, towels and food/drink for self-catering.

Awareness of COVID considerations will be important both at the Shelter and at CAC. The rules will be explained – everyone knows the drill by now. As always, if you have been in a designated “Hot Spot” or have had close or casual contact with someone who has/may have COVID, do not attend – but we would love to see you next time!

See you in February,

Peter W.