2018 Night Relays - New & Improved !

What has been your excuse for not joining in the fun in recent years?  Too cold, too dark, too late, too far from home?

Now there is no excuse. Start time is earlier, the Shelter will be warm and welcoming, you will be entertained, hydrated and fed, AND we will get you home (if you live on the mountain, that is....).

Wander into the Shelter on Monday afternoon after work, school or a day on the snow. Have a team ready to register or we will find one for you. Once the lights are twinkling on the Sprint Course, you will be part of a race that is not quite like anything else on offer during XC WEEK, or any other time. Join in as a racer, a supporter or just someone in search of an entertaining night out.

Hungry after skiing or cheering in the cold and dark mountain air?  Sean is providing the best of sustaining fare:

Braised pork hotpot with cider and mustard

Leek and mushroom pesto creamy pasta

Vegetable korma coconut curry

TexMex chilli con carne - beef

Bread and accompaniments

Dessert – Chocolate Brownies with Ice cream

Click here for more details. Join the XC Community for a very entertaining evening and help support the Nordic Shelter.