Do you want plenty of skiing, fresh air, and fun for a whole week? 

We invite you to "Cross Country Ski Week"- (XC Ski Week). Not just a series of individual events but now one big event. For those who love tradition, three of the main events have been running for over 40 years. Considering the relatively short history of skiing in Australia, these races have been key long-term events within the XC skiing community in Australia.

XC Ski Week is a week for all XC enthusiasts whether you're a beginner, a seasoned racer or a recreational skier. Be a part of a week-long celebration of this great sport. Plenty for all – test yourself via a race, improve your skiing or simply have fun in the snow. 

During XC Ski Week there is plenty of camaraderie generated from being with old friends and in making new friends. Skiers benchmark themselves against others, comparing their performances to what was achieved 12 months previously – and this is just one avenue for some earnest banter. The XC community appreciates and welcomes new skiers from different regions and backgrounds with varying skills and abilities - the common thread being our love for cross country skiing. 

Prize giving celebrations for each event are held only in the warmest of locations spread between Smiggin Holes, Perisher and Charlotte Pass with food and drink either supplied or available - many great opportunities to relax and be social with a great group of people. At the end of the week, there is a presentation for the whole week where anyone can win a prize. The winners have had theirs at the individual event presentations now it is everybody's else's chance to get lucky. 

The week caters for all levels of skiers whether you take part in the events or be a part of the cheering crowd. If you feel like racing, it is purely up to yourself as to how fast or slow you want to go. All participants are cheered on and skiers new to each event are especially welcome. 

During the week try some of the varied activities that could be on offer: join in the organized Mystery Coffee Tours, social events, plus all the freeskiing that you can handle.