2017 will be the 9th year of the NSW Masters Cross Country Skiers competition. Competitors 30 years of age and over who compete in at least Seven (7) of the nominated events during the season, including at least 1 of the 2 designated NSW, ACT or National events ( "M" or M), will be in the draw at the end of winter to win ------------

  • Free entry in the 2018 Master Skiers Series events (donated by event organizers)
  • Many thanks to the event organizers!

 There are 13 events to choose from starting with the first Cooma Ski Club event in July, "Clean out the Cobwebs" and concluding with the Kosci Tour in late August. Master Skier Events are all marked with an "M" on the Local Events calendar and M on the National XC Race Calendar

Special participation points will be available to volunteers who sometimes miss out on the chance to compete because they are busy helping organize and officiate at events.  Two events will be included if you participate as a race official.

Entry for most events is available on-line.  Event entry forms (hard copy) for events are also available on this website on the calendars under the EVENTS menu and at the Nordic Shelter in Perisher once the season commences.

A great variety of events is organized in the Perisher Range area for all levels of skiers.  Don't be put off by the term "Championships".  These are fine events that benefit from greater participation.  Support the volunteers who put these things on and participate – test those years of training (and enjoy!).

There is no registration fee to enter the Masters Series Competition, only the normal race entry fees.  HOWEVER – it is a requirement that skiers are a member (either a full voting member or a Sports Class non-voting member) of Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA), ticking your choice of State Snowsports body (NSW, ACT or VIC).  Join SSA and your State Snowsports body at www.skiandsnowboard.org.au .

Remember – being the fastest isn't what counts, but being part of it all is!!